If Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile! How To Fix it?

If in case, the user fails to load profile on Outlook then you must read this blog. But if the user wants assistance, then you can call the customer care of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup. In this article, you will read the solution of Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile.

Causes of Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile:

The causes of this error are if the search engine of your computer starts reading the corrupted PST data files, if your antivirus is scanning your Outlook data files or blocking your access, when you try to access Outlook, and the Third-party software synchronizes with Outlook. May be the earlier version of Outlook has started running in the background and also lock your data files at the same time.

Solution to Fix Microsoft Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile:

  1. Disable Outlook Compatibility Preferences:

You should start your Windows operating system and then go to the ‘Outlook Web App’ which is installed on your system. And then you should click on the right cursor and then expand the options. At this point, you should click on the ‘Outlook.exe’ and then select the ‘Properties’ option. Now, you should go to the ‘Program Files’ and then choose ‘Microsoft Office’ folder to open. After this, you should   double-click on the ‘Office 14\15\16’ or whichever Office version you have. Then, you have to right-click and then select ‘Compatibility’ tab to open. Here, you should uncheck the box which is next to ‘Run this program in Compatibility Mode’. After this, you should click on the ‘Apply’ option. At last, you should go back to the Outlook Web App and then sign in to your account just to see if the ‘Loading Profile’ screen is still there.

2: Disable Add-ins:

First, you should completely logged out from the Outlook web app. Then, you have to press the ‘Windows’ key and ‘R’ key at the same time. After this, the dialogue box opens, then you should type ‘Outlook.exe /safe’ and then click on the Enter key. This will launch the Outlook program in Safe Mode. Here, you should ask for the confirmation of your Outlook profile and then click on ‘Ok’. Now, you should select the ‘File’ tab which is on the left side and then click on the ‘Options’ tab. Then, you have to select the ‘Add-ins’ tab and then expand its options just by drop down the menu beside ‘Manage’. After this, you should select the ‘COM Add-ins’ and then click on the ‘GO’ option just to continue. After this, uncheck the box which reads Add-ins and then tap on the Close button. You should close Outlook and then restart it normally.  

3: Disable Hardware Acceleration:

You should start your Windows operating system and then click on the ‘Windows’ key and ‘R’ key just to open the Run command box. When you see the ‘Run’ dialogue box opens, then click on the box beside ‘Open’ and then write ‘Outlook /safe’ and after this, click on the ‘OK’ tab. When the Outlook 2010 program starts in ‘Safe mode’, then you should open the ‘File’ just by expanding the options of the ‘Menu’ bar. After this, you should click on the ‘Advanced’ option and then open it. Now, under the ‘Display’ section, you should check the box next to  ‘Disable hardware graphics acceleration’. Then, you have to click on the ‘OK’ button and then save the changes. At last, you should restart your Outlook. www.office.com/setup

4: Use Inbox Repair Tool:

If in case, Outlook program is opened on your computer, then you should close ‘Task’ manager. After this, you should go to the ‘Start’ button and then type ‘Scanpst.exe’ in the search box. Now, you have to open a ‘Browse’ tab and then enter the ‘Name of the PST File’ which you want to scan. At this point, you should click on the ‘Scan’ button after you select a ‘PST’ file and then click on the ‘Start’. At last, you should wait till the ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ scans, locates, and repairs the corruption found in the selected file.

For more information about Outlook, just visit to the site of MS Office via office.com/setup.

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