If No Sound From Headphones in Window 10! How to Fix it?

If the user is finding no sound from their headphones in Window 10, then it is due to the sound drivers. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if No Sound from Headphones in Window 10. For more assistance associated with Windows, go to www.office.com/setup.

Method to Fix If No Sound From Headphones In Window 10:

1. Use Troubleshooting Tool:

 In the search section, you should write find and fix audio. After this, in the Search results you should select Find and fix audio playback problems and then tap on Next option. Now, you should choose the device which you wish to troubleshoot, like your headphones and then tap on Next option. Here, you need to wait for few minutes till the troubleshooter identify the problems and then make changes. At this point, the Troubleshooting has completed page will appear on your screen with all the found problems listed and also the list of changes which were made to the system. In case, you want more details about the troubleshooting, then tap on View detailed information and then tap on Close option. At last, check your problem has been solved or not.

2. Check Audio Driver is Updated:

For this, you need to tap on the Windows Key and then visit to the Device Manager. Now, you should find your speakers and then right-tap on it. At the end, you should choose Update driver.

3. Set Default Speakers and Check Sound:

In search bar, you need to type sounds and then choose Change system sound in the Search results. After this, in the Sound section you need to hit on the Playback tab and then choose your headphones. Now, you should tap on the Set Default button. If the default Playback Device is selected, then you need to tap on the Configure button. Here, you should tap on your speaker setup in Audio channels. After this, you should hit on the Test button and then play sound with your device or the user can also tap on an individual speaker in order to play sound.

4. Fix Audio Problems in Device Manager:

First, you need to right-tap on This PC and then navigate to Device Manager. Keep in mind, the user can also access Device Manager from search just by writing device manager into it. Now in Device Manager, you need to open Sound, video and game controllers.

After this, you should perform the action, according to what is there on your screen:

If in case, your headphones appear with a down arrow, then it means the device is disabled. At this point, you should right-click on the name of your headphones and then choose Enable option, then re-enable it.

If you find your headphones are listed, then you should right-tap on the name of the device and then choose Properties in order to view more detail about the device to solve your issue.

If in case, the Device Status says that headphones are correctly connected, than the issue is there in the sound settings or cables.

5. Restore your Computer:

You should tap on the Start button and then search System Restore. Then in the Installation wizard, follow the instructions. At last, you should select a restore point and then restore your computer system.

For more information about Window 10, then navigate to office.com/setup.