If Mobile Hotspot Not Working on Window 10! How to Fix it?

The user sometimes encounter, Mobile hotspot not Working issue on Window 10. And this error can fix with the help of free up space and updating drivers. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix Mobile hotspot not working on Window 10. For help, the user can visit Microsoft via www.office.com/setup

Method To Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working on Window 10:

1. Free up Space:

It is advised you should free up the space on the mobile device so that you can establish the hotpot connection. And you should also update the device to use the wireless without a VPN connection.

2. Update all Essential Drivers:

To fix this issue, you should update all outdated drivers by using DriverFix tool. With this, you will get the latest drivers’ updates. First, you have to download and install DriverFix. After this, you should allow the tool to scan your computer for missing and outdated drivers. When the scan finishes, you should inspect the report and select the device driver which you want to update.

3. Troubleshoot Network Adapter:

For this, first you have to tap on Start option. After this, you should visit to the search field box and then type Troubleshooting. Now, you should select Troubleshooting from the search results. Here, you have to tap on View all option which is on the left side. Then, you have to tap on Network Adapter and then click on Next option. At this point, the detection process will identify the issues. At last, you should select the network adapter to diagnose. For help, just click here www.office.com/setup.

4. Check Wi-Fi Adapter:

You should hit on Start option and then write CMD in the search field box. After this, you should select Command Prompt as an  Administrator. Then, you have to type the following command:

NETSH WLAN show drivers

After this, press Enter. At last, you should check for a line which says Hosted network supported and then check if it says Yes or No.

5. Update Network Drivers:

You need to right-click on Start option and then select Device Manager. Now, you should choose Network Adapters and then right-click on your network adapter. At this point, you should select Update driver. And then you have to tap on Search automatically for updated driver software. After this procedure, you should tap on Close option. When the user install the updated driver, you should click on Start option and then tap on Power and then hit on Restart.

6. Roll back Network Adapter Driver:

You should right-click on Start and then choose Device Manager. After this, you should choose Network Adapters and then tap on the network adapter name. Here, you should right-click on the network adapter and then choose Properties option. At this point, you should select the Driver tab and then select Roll Back Driver. If there is no button, then this means there’s no driver to roll back to. When you roll back to the previous version of the driver, then you should select Restart option.

7. Create New Connection:

If in case, the user is still facing mobile hotspot issues, then you should try and delete the current connection, and again try to create a new connection.

These are some of the ways which help to fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working on Window 10. If the user need assistance, then visit office.com/setup.

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