If Microsoft Team File is Locked Error in Window PC! How to Fix it?

Today, many companies adopt group chat and also shared file collaboration solutions just to increase their employee productivity. And lots of files are shared on Microsoft Teams every day by the employees, so that the teams can successfully collaborate. But if the user cannot share files on Microsoft Team then this blog is really helpful for those users. And if the user need support, then just contact Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

Method to Fix Microsoft Teams Error file is Locked:

1. Clear Microsoft Office Cache:

As you all know that bad cache can create issues in file editing so you should try to clear the cache to fix the error. For this, first you have to open File Explorer just by pressing Windows Key + 2. Now, from the File Explorer, you should go to the following location:

C:Users[USER NAME]AppDataLocalMicrosoftOffice16.0

Here, you have to open the OfficeFileCache folder and then delete all the files which begin with FSD and FSF which is there in the folder. Then, you should relaunch Microsoft Teams from Office admin and then check if the issue is resolved or not.

2. Reset Office Upload Center:

You should type Office Upload in the search bar. Then from the search result, you have to hit on the Office Upload Center. Now in the Upload Center window, you have to tap on the Settings option. Just under the Cache Settings section, you have to tap on the Delete Cache Files button. After this, you need to tick the option “Delete files from the Office Document Cache when they are closed”. At this point, you should click on OK button and then close the Office Upload Center. Now, you should try to launch Microsoft Teams and then just sign out. Here, you should close and then relaunch Microsoft Teams and then log in. At last, you need to try to edit the file.

3. Update Microsoft Teams:

If in case, the user is running an older version of Microsoft Teams, then you have to update the client to the latest available version. But here some users reported that if you update to Version 1808 or above then this will resolve the issues for them. www.office.com/setup

So, you should check for any available update, and then launch Microsoft Teams and then click your Profile icon. After this, you have to click on Check for updates option. Now, Microsoft Teams will look for any pending updates and then install it. At last, you should Reboot the computer and then check the issue is solved.

4. Make Edits from SharePoint:

After trying all the solutions, if the issue still persists, then you should delete or move the concerned file from the SharePoint. For this, you should open the file in SharePoint. Then, you have to select it from the list and then click on Show Actions and then choose More and then select Check Out and then the Check-Out is Done. Now, you should try to open the file in Microsoft Teams.

The above method will help you to solve the issue If Microsoft Team file is locked in Window PC. For more assistance, you can contact to the Microsoft via office.com/setup.

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