If Microsoft Store Acquiring License Errors! How To Fix it?

Sometimes, user’s complaints when they download and update apps from the Microsoft Store they get the Microsoft Store Acquiring License Error. To solve this issue, you should reset the Microsoft Store Cache, scan your system and also run SFC scan. In this blog, you should read the method to fix if Microsoft Store Acquiring License Errors. For more detail information, you should visit to Microsoft via www.office.com/setup

Method To Fix If Microsoft Store Acquiring License Errors:

1. Reset Microsoft Store Cache:

The user should press Windows key + R altogether to open the Run command line. Now, in the command line you should type WSReset.exe and then tap on Enter key. At the end, it will help to restart Microsoft Store and also clear the stored cache.

2. Run Microsoft Store Troubleshooter:

For this, you should right-click on Start option and then open Settings. Now, you should choose Update & security option. Here from the left side, you should select Troubleshoot button. Now, you should scroll to the bottom and then just highlight the Microsoft Store Apps troubleshooter. At the end, you should tap on the Run the troubleshooter option.

3. Double-check time, Date and Region Settings:

You should right-tap on the Start menu and then just open the Settings app. Now, you should select the Time & language section. Here from the left side, you should choose Date & time option.  At this, you should check both the option i.e. Set time automatically and Select time zone automatically are enabled. Then, you should select Region & language. After this, you should change Country or region to United States. At last, you should Exit Settings and then view the changes in the Store.

4. Run SFC:

First of all, you should write cmd in the Windows Search bar. After this, you should right-tap on the Command Prompt and then just run as an administrator. Here, you should type the command in the command line and then tap on Enter key:

sfc /scannow

At last, you should wait for the process to end and then again download apps from Microsoft Store.

5. Re-register Microsoft Store:

The customer should right-tap on the Start button and then opens PowerShell as Admin. Here in the command line, you should type or you can copy-paste the command and then tap on Enter key:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}

Now, this command will force Windows to reinstall the default apps and also restore the changes. At last, you should close PowerShell and then restart your Computer system.

6. Reset this PC:

The customer needs to press the Windows key + I at the same time in order to open the Settings app. After this, you should open Update & security option. Now from the left side, you should select Recovery option. At last, just under Reset this PC, you should tap on Get started button.

With this above method, the user can easily resolve the problem if Microsoft Store Acquiring License Errors. If the user requires any help related to the issue, then visit to the site of MS Office via www.office.com/myaccount.