If MacBook Not Connecting To External Hard Drive! How to Fix It?

If the users complaint that their MacBook is not connected to external Hard Drive then for the solution, the user must read this blog. And for detailed information, just go to www.office.com/setup.

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Method To Fix if MacBook Not Connecting To External Hard Drive:

  1. Use USB Hub or Power Adapter:

If the user MacBook cannot be able to connect to an external hard drive, then it is possible you are not getting proper power supply. In order to fix this, you should connect your hard drives to powered USB hub. The user can also connect their external device to its power adapter.

2. Check Cables and Connection:

This error also occurs if you have problem with your cables. If the user wants to fix this, then you should check both power and data cables and also make sure it is not damaged. If it is damaged, then you should buy a new one. You should connect your external hard drive to your Mac device rather than hub.

3. Ensure your Device is Properly Formatted:

If the user is using your external hard drive with Mac device, then it is possible that it’s not formatted properly. Because, Mac device do not work with NTFS file system, hence it is advised you should check your external drive on another system.

If Mac is formatted by using an NTFS file system, then you should format it again, but now you should use exFAT, FAT or Mac OS Extended file system. For Windows, you should use exFAT. For detail, tap on www.office.com/setup.

4. Ensure External Hard Drive is Mounted:

For this, you should visit to System Preferences and then tap on Disk Utility. At this point, you should check external hard drive is there in the sidebar. Now, you should highlight your hard drive and then select Mount. Here, your drive is available in Finder.

5. Reset NVRAM and SMC:

If you want to reset NVRAM, then you have to first on your MacBook and then you should press and hold the keys: Option, Command, P, and R. You should press these four keys for at least 20 seconds. Now, your MacBook will play the startup chime. When you hear it, then you should release the keys.

If you want to reset SMC with the T2 chip, then you should first shut down your MacBook. After this, you should press and hold the 3 buttons i.e. left Control, left Option (Alt) and right Shift for 7 seconds. You should also hold and press the Power button for 7 seconds. At last, you should release the buttons and then press the Power button in order to boot your MacBook.

In case, you don’t have T2 chip then you should turn off your MacBook. At this point, you should press left Shift, left Control and left Option (Alt). At this point, you should hold the Power button also for 10 seconds. At last, you should release the keys and then boot your MacBook.

For more help or information,  the customer can navigate to Microsoft via office.com/setup.

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