If Function Key Lock on Window 10! How to Fix it?

Fn key in the keyboard is used to trigger secondary multimedia functions for keys. In this blog you will learn how to enable Fn lock, configure the Fn key’s behavior and also how you can disable it on Windows 10 PCs. For help, tap on www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If Function Key Lock on Window 10:

1. Enable Function Lock on Windows 10:

 The Fn key is located at the bottom left of your keyboard. This Fn key is used for activating secondary key functions like volume controls on arrow keys. First, you have to locate Fn key, then press and hold it. After this, you have to press one of the F1-F12 keys with a color symbol on it in order to activate its function. Like press Fn key and F8 key with a mute icon on it, this keys will mute the sound.

Here, the user can also active secondary multimedia functions for other keys like blue or green symbols on them. You can press Fn key with any key which has a blue or green function symbol on it.

2. Lock and Unlock the Function key:

There are some keyboards which allow users to lock the Fn key so that they don’t have to press Fn key in order to active secondary key functions. For this, you have to press an Fn lock key on your keyboard. You have to look for a keyboard key with an Fn padlock icon on it. Generally, Esc is an Fn padlock key on keyboards. If in case, you see an Fn padlock on your Esc key, then press Fn key and then press Esc while holding the Fn key. After this, you don’t have to press the Fn key to active secondary key functions. And if you want to unlock Fn, then press and hold Fn and again press the Esc key. For details, just click on office.com/setup.

3. Turn off Function Lock on Windows 10:

To fix the issue, you have to disable the Fn key on Windows 10 PCs. For this, you have to tap on the Type here to search taskbar button. After this, you have to enter advanced startup in the search box. Then, you have to hit on Changed advanced startup options in order to open the window. Now, you have to tap on the Restart now button for advanced startup. If your desktop or laptop restarts at the blue Advanced Boot Options menu, then you have to select Troubleshoot and Advanced Options. Here, you need to select UEFI Firmware Settings and then Restart to enter the BIOS settings. After this, you should look for an Action Key Mode setting on the System Configuration or on other tabs. At last, you need to disable the Action Key Mode setting.

4. Change Function Key’s Behavior:

If the user wants to configure the Fn key functionality, then they have to enter your PC’s BIOS settings for disabling Fn. After this, you need to select the Advanced tab in BIOS. Now, you have to select the Function Key Behavior option. At last, you need to select Multimedia Key or Function Key according to your preference.

For more information or help, just visit to the site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

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