If Fltmgr_file_system error on Windows 10! How To Fix it?

This issue occurs in your device because of the corruption to faulty hardware and it crashes your PC and forces you to restart the system. For more info, go to office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Fltmgr_file_system error on Windows 10.

Solution To Fix If Fltmgr_file_system error on Windows 10:

1. Update Windows 10 and Drivers:

First, you need to press Win Key + I key altogether in order to open the Settings app and then go to the Update & Security section. At last, hit on Check for updates button.

2. Enter Safe Mode:

To enter Safe Mode, first you should Start Automatic Repair just by restarting your system during the boot. Or, you should hold Shift in your keyboard and then tap on the Restart button. After this, you should tap on Troubleshoot option and then hit on Advanced options. At this point, you should go to Startup Settings and then tap on the Restart button. If your computer restarts then the user will view a list of options. At last, you need to hit on 5 or F5 key to start Safe Mode with Networking.

3. Perform chkdsk Scan:

To perform scan, you should Restart your PC during the boot in order to start in Automatic Repair mode. Now, you should select Troubleshoot option and then tap on Advanced options. At this point, you should choose Command Prompt. When the Command Prompt starts on your screen, then input chkdsk /f X: and then run this command. The user should replace X with the letter which represents your system partition.

4. Remove your Antivirus:

In some cases, third-party antivirus software lead to this error as sometimes it is not fully compatible with Windows 10. In order to fix this problem, you should temporarily remove your antivirus and for removing, the user can use the dedicated removal tool. The user can also switch to different antivirus solution which does not interfere with other apps in your PC. Keep in mind the antivirus should be lightweight, provide multi-layered protection, integrated VPN and also gives online privacy.

5. Use System Restore:

The user should Restart your computer during the boot sequence. After this, you should select Troubleshoot and then tap on Advanced options. Now, you should hit on System Restore. At this point, you should choose your user name from the list and then just input your account password. Here, System Restore window will display on your screen. Then, you need to hit on Next option to continue. Next, you have to check Show more restore points and then choose the specific restore point. At last, hit on Next option and then just follow the directions to end the restoration procedure.

6. Perform Windows 10 Reset:

To reset, you should Restart your system during the boot sequence. Now, you should choose Troubleshoot option and then choose Reset this PC and then hit on Remove everything. At this point, you will be asked to insert Windows 10 installation media. Here, you should choose Only the drive where Windows is installed and then hit on Just remove my files. At last, tap on the Reset button to start and then follow the steps to finish the reset process.

With this above method, the customer can fix the issue of Fltmgr_file_system error on Windows 10. For more info, visit to www.office.com/myaccount.