If Cannot Run Command Prompt As Administrator in Window 10! How to Fix it?

In Window Operating System, Command Prompt is used to execute commands and also helps in performing advanced administrative functions. This tool helps to solve the majority of your issues. But sometimes, the users faces issue and they cannot run the command prompt as an Administrator on Windows 10. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution if you cannot run command prompt as an administrator on Window 10. But if the customer need support, then they can call the expert of Microsoft team through www.office.com/setup.

Solution To Fix If Cannot Run Command Prompt As Administrator:

1. Check Antivirus:

Sometimes, the cause of the issue is might be your antivirus software program. As it is good to use an antivirus program in your device because it gives complete security and safety. But, sometimes an antivirus interferes with several features, and results in many other issues. Antivirus put unknown files in the command prompt which requires to be fixed.
2. Create Command Prompt Shortcut on PC:

Sometimes, users faces this issue when they are using the hotkey Windows + X menu on their computer. And they cannot run the command prompt as an administrator on their PC. To solve this, you should launch the File Explorer and then go to the given directory:

C: UsersDefaultAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsWinXGroup3

At this point, you will see a command prompt shortcut and you should try to run this Shortcut. If in case, the command works, then you should copy the path on your desktop and then try to run.

Or you can create two more Shortcuts on your desktop without copy anything.

  1. First, right-click on your desktop and then click on “New” option. Then, click on Shortcut in the new menu. Here, in the search box, write “cmd.exe” command and then hit on “Next” option. At this point, you should rename the File with your specific name for the new Shortcut. At last, click on “Finish” option.
  2. You should right-click on the newly masked Command Prompt and then choose “Properties” in the menu. After this, go to the “Security option and then hit on “Advanced” option. Here, you should verify the “Run as Administrator” and then hit on “OK” button. At last, save your changes.
  3. Disable Non-Microsoft Context List Items:

First, you should download a third-party application like Freeware and then just run on your computer and then run “ShellExView.”After you launch this application, you should search all the non-Microsoft entries in the context list. www.office.com/setup

4. Install Latest Updates:

You should launch the Settings application and then move to the “Updates and Security” option. After this, click on the “Check for updates” option which displays in the right panel on your computer screen. This will check for the updates and automatically download and install them in your device.

The above method will help you to fix if Cannot Run Command Prompt As Administrator on Window 10. For support or assistance, call the expert of Microsoft via office.com/setup.

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