If Browser Doesn’t Support Video Playback on Twitch! How to Fix It?

There are some browsers which do not support the playback of Twitch video. To fix this issue, you should enable the media to autoplay and turn on software rendering. You can also fix the issue by switch your browser to specialized browser. If user needs help, visit to office.com/setup. In this article, you will read the procedure to fix if Browser doesn’t support Video Playback on Twitch.

Method To Fix If Browser Doesn’t Support Video Playback on Twitch:

1. Enable Media Autoplay:

Google Chrome:

For this, you should press on Windows key and then write Chrome. After this, tap on the first result. Now, you should look at the upper-right side of the window and then tap on the 3-dots icon. Here, you should go to Settings. Then from the left side of the window, you should tap on Privacy and Security. Next from the right side of the page, you should choose Site Settings. The user you need to scroll down the menu and tap on Media. At last, Autoplay and just toggle the switch off.

Mozilla Firefox:

The user should tap on the Windows key and write Firefox. Now, you need to open the first result. Then in the address bar, you should write about:config and then tap on Enter key. Now, you need to search for media.autoplay.enabled value and check that it’s set on True. At last, check the issue is solved or not.

2. Enable Software Rendering:

For this, you should use the Windows + S keyboard shortcut in order to open the search box. After this, you should write Internet options in and then tap on the first result. Now, you should visit to the Advanced tab option. Here, you should find the option of Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering and just enable it. At this point, you should tap on Apply and OK button to save the changes. Lastly, you need to restart your computer system and then check the error is fixed or not.

3. Try Different Browser:

If you find problem while using Twitch, then you should change your browser. Or you can use a web browser which has Twitch integration for the best streaming experience. You can use Opera GX browser, as it is the best browser which is best for gamers. Its UI is extremely customizable and provides all the tools which a gamer need i.e. Twitch Integration. Opera GX features are Built-in AdBlocker, free VPN, easy to customize and smooth navigation.

Above all the method, help you to fix the issue of Browser Doesn’t Support Video Playback on Twitch. If the customer requires any sort of help, then go to the site of Microsoft via www.office.com/myaccount.