How You Can Use Google Keep?

Google Keep is the note-taking app which helps the user to type, dictate, draw, or snap a photo to create a note. And you can access these notes are on all devices. You can use Google Keep app on the desktop by using the Keep site. When you download the app, you have to enter your Google account information. You can use these app on both the iOS and Android apps. In this blog, you will read how to use Google Keep. But for technical any assistance, you can contact to the Microsoft Support team through

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How you can Set Up Google Keep?

You can easily setup Google Keep on the computer.  For this, first you have to locate the Settings just by selecting the gear which is located at the top of the computer screen.

And on mobile, you have to find the settings just by tapping on the three horizontal lines which is located in the upper-left corner of the computer screen.

How to Create and Organize Notes?

For this, you have to select Take a note which is in the rectangular box on the Keep screen. After this, you should start typing or expand the + icon which is at the bottom of the note just to take a photo, choose an image, draw, or dictate a note. Here, Google Keep integrates with the Google Calendar. You have to assign a due date to a Google Keep note just by selecting the bell reminder which is located at the bottom of the note on the desktop version and then you can add a date and time. And this bell reminder is located at the top of the mobile app.

The Keep app also works with Google Maps, in this you have to select the bell reminder just to create a location-based reminder so that Keep will send you a location-based alert. Always remember, that the location services should be enabled on the device. Keep also uses labels and colors just to organize notes. In the desktop version, you have to select the notes which you want to label, then you should choose the three-dot menu which is located in the upper-right corner, and after this, just select Add Label. Here, you have to type the name of the label which you want to create. In mobile, to add labels to a note in the Keep app, you have to select the three dots which is located in the lower-right corner of the screen just to see the labels option.

If you Keep to automatically add the last note which you have created to the top of the Keep workspace. For this, if you have running to-do list which you always displays on top, you just have to pin the note so that the other notes stay behind. Here, you should select the thumbtack just to pin the note which is at the top of the desktop. And to unpin a note, then also select the thumbtack. www office com setup

In case, you don’t want to see the notes on your desktop but you actually need that notes then you just archive those notes. Remember, archived notes will be seen in a keyword search.

With the help of above method, you can setup and create notes in Google Keep. If in case, you want to know more than just contact Microsoft team through