How You Can Upgrade Microsoft 365 Security?

Microsoft 365 has now become the famous productivity suite in the world because of its great features. It not only consists of Office applications like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Outlook etc. but also gives you the features of Microsoft Team. You can install this productive software through It also offers you the cloud technology, by which you can store all your important data or files and you can access cloud data anywhere anytime from any device. This data will be very helpful in times of security threat and damage of device.

This latest version of Microsoft Office helps you to work remotely in a more convenient manner and also provide great security to your sensitive data. For providing security to your data, it uses the tool known as Microsoft Security Score. In this article, you will learn how you can upgrade Microsoft 365 security.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Microsoft 365 Security:

  • Basic Microsoft Security Enhancement:

You have to follow some of the security measures to enhance your Microsoft 365 security. The measures are you should prevent email forwarding, enable audit data, enable mailbox auditing, and also you should customize login page. These steps will help you to protect your sensitive data and prevent from phishing attacks.

  • Setup a Multi-Factor Authentication:

This method increases the security of your organization. This is also known as two step verification. In this you have to go through two processes to open your account. To setup MFA, you have to go to the admin center, and then select Users. After this, just choose Active Users. Now in this section, you have to select Multi-Factor Authentication. In this page, you have to select User if you are enabling for one user and you can also select Bulk Update. Now you have to select Enable which is under Quick Steps. In the pop-up window, you have to choose Enable Multi-Factor Authentication.

  • Train Your Users:

For improving the security, you should train your users in the organization so that they can quickly identify the phishing attack and protect their devices from hackers. The user should use strong password, and also protect Outlook email account and Gmail Account with two step verification.

  • Raise Malware Protection in Email:

You should raise the level of protection in email. For this, first you have to go to  and then sign in with your admin credentials. In the Security and Compliance Center, in the left side under Threat management, you have to choose Policy and then select Anti-Malware. After this, you have to double-click the default policy to edit. Then you have to select Settings. Now under Common Attachment Types Filter, you have to select On. After this, you have to select Save option.

  • Microsoft 365 Backup:

You must take a back up of cloud-based files. It is important when you deal with the sensitive data of your clients. Although, Microsoft 365 provide security to your files on remote servers from cyber attack.

This process will help you to upgrade your Microsoft 365 security. But if you want more help, then you can call the expert anytime. Or you can visit to the website of MS Office via

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