How You Can Uninstall Firefox in Windows?

Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser because it provides you great browsing speed and also gives you lot of features. You can easily expand its features through third-party add-ons. But sometimes user does not want to surf on this browser and they want to uninstall it completely from Windows. So, in this blog you will read how to uninstall Firefox from your computer or mobile phones. If in case, the user needs any assistance then they can contact to the Microsoft team through

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Uninstall Firefox in Windows 10:

For this, first you have to type the apps and features in the search bar by clicking on the Windows Start menu. Then, you have to choose the Apps and features from the pop-up menu. After this, you have to scroll down the application list and then just select Mozilla Firefox. Here, you have to select Uninstall option. Again, you have to select Uninstall to move further. In case, the Windows User Account Control dialog prompts you to make changes to your device, then you have to select Yes option. Now, Firefox’s Uninstall Wizard opens up on your screen. You have to select Next option to start the uninstall process. After this, you have to confirm the location of the Firefox installation is correct, and then just select Uninstall option. Now, the Firefox is removed from your PC, and you will see the confirmation message on your screen. Here, you have to select Finish option to exit the Uninstall Wizard. Now, the Firefox application was uninstalled, but there are some traces on your hard drive. So, you have to find and delete these files. For this, you have to open Windows File Explorer and then type %APPDATA% in the address bar. Windows File Explorer with %APPDATA% in the address bar. You will see the Roaming sub-folder of AppData. Then, you have to open the Mozilla folder. You just have to right-click on the Firefox folder and then select Delete option. In case, you see additional folders for Firefox extensions and plug-ins, then you should delete those also. Now, all leftover data which is related with Firefox is removed from your device.

Uninstall Firefox in Windows 8 and 7:

You have to open the Windows Control Panel and then just select Programs and Features. After this, scroll down and then select Mozilla Firefox from the list of programs. Here, you have to select Uninstall option. Now, a pop-up dialog prompts you to confirm the Firefox removal. Then you have to Select Uninstall again to move further. This method will remove Firefox from your PC. When the process complete, then the Mozilla Firefox will no longer shown in your installed application list. Now, the Firefox application is uninstalled, but the traces are there on your hard drive. If you want to delete these files, then you have to open Windows Explorer and then go to Users\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla. After this, you should right-click on the Firefox folder and then select Delete option. Now, all the leftover data will be removed which is linked with the browser.

The above method helps to uninstall Firefox in Windows. If the customers need support, then they can any time contact to the expert of Microsoft team via

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