How You Can Troubleshoot Error Performing Inpage Operation?

If the user find the issue of Error Performing Inpage Operation, then you cannot install application. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Error Performing Inpage Operation. To fix this issue, you should restore your PC. For more details, go to

Method To Fix Error Performing Inpage Operation:

1. Use System Restore Point:

First, you need to press Windows key in your keyboard and then write system restore and then tap on Create a restore point option. Now in the System Properties window, you should hit on the System Restore button. At this point, you should tap on Next option if the System Restore window displays on your screen. After this, you should check the box of Show more restore points. It will show you the list of all the available restore points. Here, you should choose the recent restore point and then tap on Next option. Then, you should Read the description and then tap on Finish button. At last, restore procedure will take a few minutes to finish the process.

2. Run Check Disk Utility:

To run check disk utility, you should tap on Win key + X altogether and then select Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the menu. Now in the PowerShell window, you should write the below command and then run it:


It will scan the hard disk for issues and then apply the fixes. When the scanning process is finished, then restart your computer system. At last, you should install or uninstall the program and just check for the issue.

3. Reset Windows 10:

The user should tap on Win key + I key altogether. Now, you should visit to Update and Security option. Then from the left side of the screen, you should tap on the Recovery tab. Here under the Reset this PC section, you should tap on the Get started button. At this point, in the Choose an option window, you will view two options: Keep my files and Remove everything. The user should choose the Keep my files option. It will reset the Windows OS for protecting the personal files. If the issue persists, then you should perform reset by using the Remove everything option. At last, you should check for improvements.

4. Update USB Driver:

To update USB driver, you should right tap on the Start button and then from the list, choose Device Manager. After this, you should tap on the Universal Serial Bus controllers section just to expand it and then right tap on driver and then choose Update driver. Here, you should choose the option Search automatically for drivers. The user can also tap on Search for updated driver on Windows Update. At this point, in the next window you should tap on the Check for updates button. At last, you should install new update.

5. Replace Hard Disk:

For this, you should check your hard disk for hardware issues. Before you replace the hard disk, then just remove it from your computer system and then connect to another computer. If computer system fails to boot from the hard drive, then you should replace the hard disk.

The above method will help you to fix Error Performing Inpage Operation. For details, visit to