How you can Stop Window 11 Automatic Updates?

There are some Window 11 users, who are looking for the way to block Window 11 Automatic updates. It is not easy to stop automatic updates; hence you should change some simple settings in your device. It is recommended that you should read the below method to stop Window 11 automatic updates. For help, navigate to

Method To Stop Window 11 Automatic Updates:

1. Use Windows 11’s Settings:

First, you should tap on Start option and then choose Settings option. After this, you should visit to Windows Update. At last, you should tap on Pause for 1 week.

2. Change Network Settings:

Disable Download Update Option:

To disable, you should visit to Start and then tap on Settings option. After this, you should go to Windows Update and then tap on Advanced Options. Now, you should toggle off the option of Download updates over metered connections.

Switch on Network Metered Connection:

For this, you should tap on Start and then choose the Settings option. Now, visit to Network and Internet. Here, you should tap on the network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) of your computer. At last, you should toggle on the Metered connection option.

3.  Use Local Policies:

The user should go to Search and then look for gpedit.msc and then tap on the Group Policy Editor when it appears in the search results. Now in the left side, just under Local Computer Policy, you should hit on Computer Configuration. At this point, you should double tap on Administrative Templates. Here, you should choose the Windows Components option. After this, you should find Windows Update and then open it. Next, you should choose Manage end user experience. Then, you should double-tap on the Configure Automatic Updates option. The user should choose the Disabled option in order to turn off automatic updates in Windows 11 PC. Lastly, you should tap on Apply and OK button to save the settings.

4. Disable Windows 11 Update Service:

The customer should use Windows + R keys at the same time to open the Run dialog box. Now, you should write services.msc in the text field and then tap on Enter key. Then, you have to find Windows Update and just double-tap on it to open the Properties tab. Just under the General tab, you should choose Disabled option from the drop-down menu from Startup type. At the end, you should hit on OK and Apply option to save the settings.

5. Use Registry Editor:

You should hit on Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run box. Now, you should write regedit and then tap on Enter key. After this, you should go to:


At this point, the user should create the WindowsUpdate and AU (Automatic Updates) folders. Next, you should right-tap and then select New and then hit on Key to create the WindowsUpdate folder. Here under the newly created folder, you should right-tap on it and then select New and then tap on Key and just rename the folder AU. Then, the location will be like this:


The customer should right-tap on the white space and then chooses New and just taps on Dword (32-bit) Value in order to create the NoAutoUpdate value. After this, right-tap on the newly created value NoAutoUpdate value and then choose Modify option. Next, you should set the value to 1. At the end, hit on OK button and just restart the system for the changes to take place.

With this method, the user can stop Window 11 Automatic Updates. For more details, navigate to