How you can Stop Excel From Crashing?

Microsoft Office is the popular productivity suite, developed by Microsoft. And it has introduced different applications which increase the productivity of your organization to a great level. These applications are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and also MS Access etc. All these applications offers friendly user interface. You can install this productivity suite by just visiting to its official website i.e.

Excel is an important Microsoft Office application and it is used to store data in a sheet or table format. It performs various functions like calculation, counting, graphic design, etc. But sometimes the user faces problem like MS Excel crashes, locks up or if the Excel is running very slow on your PC. In this case, you can follow the given steps to fix the problem.

Steps to Stop Excel From Crashing: gives you the easy steps which stop MS Excel from crashing:

  1. Remove Com Add –ins:

Generally, COM add-ins is very bad and they cause various issues in the Excel file, so it is better to disable it. These add-ins fight over the memory, and as a result Excel freezes and crashes. For disabling, the COM add-ins, first you have to Choose File then you should go to Options and Add-ins. After this, modify the Manage drop-down to COM add-ins and then just choose Go. Now, just clear the checkbox for enabled COM add-ins and just click on OK button. This will fix the problem, but if the issue still persists then you should follow the next step.

  1. Eliminate Excel Animation:

This also causes Excel crashing or freezing issue and makes the Excel to perform slowly. So, for this you should turn Off the animation. For turning off the animation, you should first select the File and then go to Options. Now, under the General Section, you have to uncheck animation. At the end, close and restart Excel.

  1. Unload Other Running Programs:

Sometimes the PC takes too much time like 20 to 30 minutes to run. For solving this issue, first you have to reboot your PC and then try. The reason is other software programs are open like Outlook, Word etc. Each and every program needs a share of runtime. So, Excel only got few seconds. Unloading other running program, might solve the issue.

  1. Run Excel in Safe Mode:

Safe mode helps the users to safely use Excel without any issues so you should try to start Excel in Safe Mode. For this, first you should press Ctrl key when you start the program or you should use “/safe” (excel.exe /safe) option. This will avoid the functionality and settings like the alternative startup location, toolbars will change and even the Excel add-ins. This will fix the error, if it does not fix then you should use the automatic MS Excel Repair Tool.

If you are still facing the problem, then you should contact to the customer care executive through For assistance, you can also call them on their toll free number.

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