How you can Start Windows in Safe Mode by using MS System Configuration?

Microsoft Office is the essential software in today’s world as this software properly satisfies the needs of the current generation. This software has many IT application which helps the people to do their work in proper manner and faster than before. Each app of this software has different functions. You can install this software through It is estimated that for the next ten years no other software can compete with this software as this software continuously launches updates for the facility of the users. This software is very easy to use that is why it is used in all the organization and by all age group people.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to start the Window in Safe Mode. So. In this blog, you will learn how to start the Window in Safe Mode by using the Microsoft System Configuration.

Start Window in Safe Mode using MS System Configuration:

To start in safe mode, first you have to open the Windows 10 and Windows 8, then you have to right-click on the Start button and then just choose Run option. And in the Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you have to click on the Start button. In Windows XP, you have to click on Start and then you have to click Run option. Now in the text box you have to type msconfig command. After this, click on the OK button, or you can press Enter key. Here you have to click on the Boot tab which is at the top of the System Configuration window. In Windows XP, this is labeled as BOOT.INI. Now you have to check the checkbox. Under the Safe Boot option, the radio buttons start the various other modes of Safe Mode:

Minimal:  It starts the standard Safe Mode.

Alternate shell:  It starts the Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Network:  It starts the Safe Mode with Networking.

Now you have to see the Safe Mode and how to Use It. After this, just click on OK button. It will ask you to Restart, and then just restart your computer. After restarting, the Windows will automatically open in Safe Mode. If you want to continue to start Windows in Safe Mode automatically each time you reboot. When you completed your work in Safe Mode, again you have to start System Configuration. After this you have to choose the Normal startup radio button and then click on OK option. Restart your computer with any of Safe Boot options. Then the Window will start in safe mode.

For more details, you can call the customer care of MS Office through on their toll free number and for details just visit to the official website of MS Office.

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