How you can setup Gmail in Pegasus Mail using IMAP?

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Pegasus Mail is the secure email client which is available for Windows and it also allows you to send, receive and manage your emails on your network, Gmail or Yahoo.

Setup Gmail in Pegasus Mail using IMAP:

IMAP helps to access your mails and labels. First, you should make sure Gmail IMAP access is enabled. Then you have to select Tools and identities from the menu in Pegasus Mail. After this, in the Manage IMAP Profiles window, and click on New. You should be on the Connection tab in the IMAP Mailbox settings window. Here, you should type “Gmail” and then Enter a name for this definition. Now, just enter “” which is under MIAP server address. Then you have to type your full Gmail email address which is under the Login name. Here you enter your Gmail account’s password under Password option. But if you are using the Gmail 2-step authentication then you should create a Gmail password for Pegasus Mail and use this in spite of Gmail account password. It is recommended that note the password somewhere temporarily. After this, go to the Settings tab. You should check that this server supports the folders within folders. Now, you have to go to the performance tab. You should make sure that the Use fast folder listing commands is checked. Now, just go to the Security tab. Here you should make sure that the via direct SSL connect is selected which is under the Use SSL/TSL security for this connection. After this, you have to click on Change option which is under the Secure connections might need different ports. At this point just you click on the OK button. At last, you have to double-click on the newly created IMAP profile which is in the Manage IMAP Profiles window to connect. this blog

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