How You Can Search For A Word On Web Page?

If incase, the user wants to find something on web page, then they can easily search for it. In this blog, you will read the method to search for Word on Web Page. If the customer needs any kind of information, then they can visit to the site of Microsoft via

Method To Search For Word on Web Page:

1. Search For Word Using Command/Ctrl+F:

If the user is on the web page, then you should press Ctrl+F key altogether in Windows and Linux. You have to press Command+F key altogether on Mac. At this point, you should type the word or phrase which you want to find and then hit on Enter key. Here, the web page scrolls to the occurrence of word. If you find the word occurs more than once on the web page which you are searching, then tap on Enter key in order to visit to the next occurrence. Or, you can also choose the arrows which are on the right or left side of the Find Word window.

2. Search for Word with Mac Menu Bar:

For this, you should visit to the menu bar which is on the top of the page and then choose Edit option. Now, you need to select Find in This Page. Keep in mind, there are some browsers which have the option Find. It depends on the browser which you select, it will take four or three steps like in Google Chrome, you have to move the mouse cursor over Find and then choose Find.

3. Search For Word Using Browser Controls:

This is for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. For this, you need to choose the More icon which is located in the upper-right side of the browser window. Now, you should select Find or Find in This Page. At last, you should type your search term and then tap on Enter key.

4. Search for Word Using Google:

In this, first you should visit to Google. The user can also use the browser’s search function if it’s asked to use Google as its search engine. After this, you should type site which is followed by a colon ( : ) and then you have to type the name of the website which you wish to search. Now, you have to leave a space and then enter the search terms. Here, you need to press Enter key to view the search results. At this point, the search results come from the website which you have enter on the search bar. If you want to narrow your search results, then you should enclose the search terms in quotation marks and with this,  search engine will only look for the exact phrase.

With this above mentioned method, you can search for a Word on Web page. If the customer need any kind of details, then visit to the official site of Microsoft through