How You Can Reset Window 11 to its Factory Setting?

The users who are using Window 11, it is advised you should reset to Window 11 to its factory setting because this will resolve many issues. You can reset, by performing General setting menu option. For help, the user can go to

Method to Reset Window 11 to its Factory Setting:

1. Reset your PC:

For this, you should hit on Windows + I keys simultaneously. After this, you should hit on the Settings menu. Now, you need to navigate to Update & Security Option. Then in the left side of the window, you should select Recovery option. Here from the right side, you need to tap on Reset PC. After this, you need to select the type of factory reset which you require. At this point, you should choose the option which you wish to reinstall Windows. Now, you need to tap on Next option and then hit on Reset option. After resetting, your computer might restart on its own so you should leave it alone till it gets completed.

2. Use Command Prompt:

1. Trigger reset:

You should hit on Windows key + S on your keyboard altogether and then type cmd. After this, you need to hit on Run as administrator. Then in the open window, you should type the following command and then tap on Enter button:

systemreset -factoryreset

Here, you will view the traditional reset window on your computer screen. Lastly, you should move further with the instructions to reset your Computer system. For help, just go to

2. Completely Reset your PC:

For this, you should boot from your recovery device in your computer system. Then, you need to tap on Windows key + S key altogether on your keyboard, and then type cmd in the search field. After this, you need to hit on Run as administrator. Remember, you should be in the X directory, when you boot from a recovery drive. Here, you need to write the command to switch to your boot drive:

C: ;

Now, you need to type the command to reset your system:


Lastly, you must proceed further with the given instructions to complete the procedure.

3. Use an ISO:

If the user is facing the corrupted file issues or BSODs, then they should use a Windows 11 ISO. After this, you should reset your computer system from a USB drive. Remember, before reset your PC, you should create a bootable USB.

Reset Windows 11 Factory Settings without a Password:

If the user doesn’t remember their password, then you have to delete your data while resetting your computer system. Keep in mind user accounts passwords encrypt the Windows data. Hence, you should try to recover your password before getting rid of your data. But if you can’t do it, then you need to select the Remove everything option. You can reset your password via Microsoft account. If you have a local account, then it will be difficult to recover your account.

The above method will help you to reset Window 11 to its Factory Setting. If the consumer needs more details about Window 11, then visit to Microsoft via

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