How You Can Repair And Restore Window 10?

Window 10 is known for its fast processing and superb quality. And it is one of the best products of Microsoft which has so many features. But sometimes problem arises, then the user can contact to the customer care of Microsoft through

Method To Repair And Restore Window 10:

  1. Repair Windows 10 Through Advanced Startup:

You can repair Windows 10 through advanced startup option. You should press F11 just before we power on the laptop. You can boot the installed disk and then click on Next option and then repair.

 Here, you should select the Troubleshoot button, when the Computer gets booted. Now, you should select the Advanced Options when you have click on Startup Repair. Remember, it will take some time to identify the problem and then fix it. If in case, the issue do not resolve then this means there is no issue with a startup. After this, you should hold the shift key from your keyboard just to restart the Window and this will return to troubleshoot. Now, you should select the System Restore and then your computer will be automatically rebooted. Then, you have to select your username and then enter password. If the issue is still there, then move to the next step.

2: Reset Windows 10:

There is problem in your computer may be facing because of the corrupt file. At this point, you should perform a file scan just by booting the operating system through safe mode. As the scan may fix the corrupted file. In case, the scan does not show any solution then you should reset your Windows 10 and again install it in your device. After this, you should restart Windows and just go to troubleshoot option. You have to press F11 again and then you should select the Reset option. Here, you will get 3 options:

Keep my files

Delete Everything

Restore Factory Settings

3: Re-Install Windows 10:

For this, you should install the Media creation Tool on your PC just by downloading it. After this, you should Download Windows 10 just by pressing the next button on the Media creation tool. Here, this will check your download. Now, the media creation tool will show you the important files. At this point, the Windows 10 has started loading. Then, the Windows 10 will analyze on your computer system. Here, you have to accept the term of the license and then you can start the installation of Windows 10. Now, the installer will check the updates which requires before installation. When the updates completed, you should press the Install button just to install the Windows 10.

The above method will help you to repair and restore Window 10. If you are still facing any kind of issues, then you can contact to the expert of Microsoft Team through The experts of Microsoft are experienced and can solve your problem easily. And they are available all the time for the support of the user.

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