How You Can Record a Voiceover For PowerPoint Presentation?

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Earlier you used to stand in front of the audience for presenting your presentation. But now, you can record a voiceover narration in your presentation and the slideshow will run on its own. In this blog, you will learn how you can record a voiceover for PowerPoint Presentation.

Record Voiceover for Single Slide:

For this, first you have to select the slide where you want to add the narration. Then you have to type a Name for the voiceover narration. After this you have to select Record button. Now you have to Read your script. Then just select Stop when you finished your recording. The Record Sound dialog box will disappears, and then you will see the speaker which indicates the sound will appear in the center of the slide. If you want to review your recording, then you have to click on sound indicator and then you should select Play to hear your recording. When you completed, just click anywhere outside the playback controls just to accept the recording.

Record A Voiceover For Entire Presentation:

For this, first you have to select View then select Normal. After this, select the first slide where you want to record the audio. Now just select Slide Show, then select Record Slide Show and then select Record from Current Slide. In PowerPoint 2019, you will see the Recording window opens. Then just select Record. After this, just select Pause to stop the recording if you need a break. If you have made a mistake then you can start over, for this just select Clear and then Clear Recordings. When you recorded a slide, then you have to select the Advance button to go to the next slide. When you are done, just select Stop button and close the recording to return to the presentation.

Listen to the Recorded Voiceover:

For this, first you have to select the slide which contains the voiceover you want to hear. Then just look for the recording icon on the slide. Just you have to select this icon and then you have to click on Play to preview the recording.

If you are still finding any issues, then you can contact to the customer care of MS Office via anytime from anywhere.

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