How You Can Protect Your Privacy on Window 10?

The people who are using Windows 10 know that it collects so much private information such as your gadget details, the data which you access etc. The reason of collecting information is to give you better experience. But hackers took advantage of this information and do illegal activities and use your private data for their own personal benefit. That is why, Microsoft provides you some tips, and how you can Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10. In case, you still don’t able to follow the tips then you can contact the expert of MS Office anytime through

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Protect Your Privacy On Window:

  • Disable Ad Tracking Tool:

When the customer browse on the internet then this browsing history stores on your device and tells lot of about the person’s interest. Many companies use this data to target ads. Hence, you can turn off the ad tracking tool anytime. For this, first you have to open the Windows 10 Settings app. Then you have to go to Privacy option and after this, click on General option. Here you will see the list of options just under the title change privacy options. Now you have to controls the advertising ID and then just move the slider from On to Off. This will not allow anybody to know your interests.

  • Disable Location Tracking:

In your device, there is an inbuilt tracking tool which gives you the details like about weather, details of the hotels and restaurants etc. If you do not want these details, then you can turn off. For this, first you have to open the settings app and then just go to privacy option. Now you have to click on locations, here you will look at the option to access the location on your device. To change the setting, you have to move the slider bar from On to Off. This will turn off the location tracking on your PC.

  • Disable the Timeline:

This is a new feature of Window 10 update called Timeline. With this feature, you can review the resume and also you can open files. But if you want to stop this feature then first you have to go to settings and then just click on Privacy option. After this, you have to go to the Activity history and then just uncheck the box which is next to Store my activity on the PC. From this point of time, Windows 10 will no longer collects your information.

  • Get Granular in the Settings App:

These settings will protect your privacy online. For this, first you have to launch the Settings app and then click on Privacy option. Now, you can get more granular about privacy on the left side of the screen from different areas. After this, you will get all access to app permission. This step ensures that Windows 10 will not gather your data information.

This method will help you to protect your privacy on Window 10. If you are still facing problems then you can contact to expert of official site of MS Office via