How You Can Open Zip Files on IPad or IPhone?

The .zip file format compresses the files to reduce the storage space and it decreases the transfer time if you send them over the internet. In this article, you will read the method to open and extract Zip File Content. For information, user should visit to

Method to Open and Extract Zip File Content:

The user can easily open and extract individual zip files content with Apple Mail on iOS and with other iOS app which supports the preview contents of zip files.

If the user wants to open a zip file as an email attachment in Mail, then they first have to open the email which has the attachment. After this, you have to choose Tap to Download which is in the file attachment box. When the file downloads, you should again tap on it. Now, the system will show you information about the zip file and also the contents. Then, you have to click on Preview Content in order to show a preview of the first item in the zip file. After this, you should hit on the three lines which have dots to the left, in order to view a list of all items which is in the zip file. Here, you have to click on an item name in this list to preview it. In case, you view a file which you wish to unzip and save, then you should click on the Share icon which is located in the upper-right side of the screen. Then in the options which look at the bottom, you should hit on Save to Files. Now, the system will show you all the available locations. At this point, you should click on whatever location you want. When you select a location, you should click to go to the folder in which you wish to extract your file. Next, you should click on Add which is in the upper right side of the screen in order to extract the selected file and then save it in unzipped format in the selected folder. For details, go to

Method to Zip and Email Files With Shortcuts:

 To create and send zip files, first you have to open the Files app. Then in the left menu, you have to click on any Location like iCloud Drive, On My iPad, On My iPhone. After this, in the right you should click to go to the folder which has the file or the files which you wish to turn into a zip file. Here, you should click on Select which is in the upper right side of the screen. Now, you have to click on one or more files or folders in order to include in the zip file. Then, you have to click on Share which is next to the bottom of the computer screen. At this point, you should click on Shortcuts from the options which display on the screen. Next, you should select the Zip and Email shortcut. Here, the shortcut will create a zip file and then you should attach it to a new email message. At last, you should Add recipients, a subject, and also a message, and then you should send the email.

For more help, the user can visit to the official site of Microsoft through

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