How you can Open Excel File Without Excel?

Sometimes the Excel user gets into the situation, when there is no proper Excel Application installed in their device but they want to open Excel file urgently. Now, there is good news you can open Excel file without Excel. Hence, in this blog you will read there are many Alternative Options through which you can Open Excel Files Without Excel, if in case you do not have MS Excel Applications in your device. To know more about Excel application, you can visit to the site of MS Office via

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What are the Easiest Ways to Open Excel File without Excel?

1. Using Chrome Browser’s Free Extension:

User can open Excel file in your Chrome browser by using a free extension. If you want to add Extension, then you should visit to your chrome browser “setting” and then you have to click on the “extensions”. Here in the extension widow, you should search for this “Office Editing For Docs, Sheets And Slides”. When you get this extension, then you should click on the option “add to chrome”. Wait for few minutes and then the extension will get added to your chrome browser. Now you can easily open any of your Excel files online without downloading these files in your PC. And you can also open those files which are there in your PC.

2. Excel Viewer:

Excel viewer is developed by Microsoft, which is basically used for viewing your older or newer file format of Excel spreadsheets. For this, you should download MS Excel Viewer in your device. When you download the Microsoft Excel Viewer app, then you should run it on your device. Here, the “Open” window will automatically open on your computer screen. Now, you should choose your XLS file which you would like to edit and click on the “Open” option this will open your selected Excel file in the Microsoft Excel Viewer. Remember, you can also view an Excel file which is present on your PC. To view those file, you just have to drag them into your chrome browser.

3. Apache Open Office:

Through this free Apache Open Office suite, you can open MS Office documents of any format. In this Apache Open Office application, if you want to open Excel file then you should open the “calc” module. For this you should download Open Office app and after this, just run it on your device. Now, you have to press ctrl+ o key together, this will open the “Open” window on your computer screen. Then, just select the Excel file which you want to edit from the browser option. Here, you should click on “Open” to open your selected XLS file and it will open in the Open Office program.

The above are some of the methods through which you can open Excel File Without Excel Application in your device. If you want to know more, then just visit to the website of Microsoft Office via

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