How You Can Make Window 11 Faster by Using Different Method?

If the user wants to make Window 11 faster, then they can use various accessible options. To fix this issue, you should disable visual effects and notification and also you should adjust Performance Power Plan. In this published blog, you will read the method to make Window 11 faster. If the customer needs more information about Window 11, then navigate to MS Office team via  

Method To Make Window 11 Faster:

1. Disable Visual Effects:

First, you need to press the Windows key and then write view advanced. After this, you should select View Advanced System Settings. Then in the pop-up window, just under the Performance section you should select Settings option. Here, you need to Add a checkmark to the Adjust for best performance option. Now from the Custom list, you need to checkmark the options: Show thumbnails instead of icons and Smooth edges of screen fonts. At last, tap on Apply and OK option to save the changes.

2. Turn off Startup Apps and Programs:


You should first open Settings and then visit to Apps. After this, you should select Startup. Now, you need to disable the toggle for the apps which you don’t need to use in an automatic way.


You need to open Task Manager. Now, you need to hit on the Startup tab, and then choose unimportant programs. Lastly, you should choose Disable option.

3. Enable Storage Sense:

 First of all, open Settings. Then, you should go to System, and then select Storage option. Here, you need to choose the Storage Sense option, and then you have to turn on Storage sense just by adjusting the toggle button.

4. Disable Notifications:

For this, you should open Settings. Now, you should visit to System and then just select Notifications option. At this point, you should disable notifications for unimportant apps. For more assistance, the user should go to

5. Adjust Performance Power Plan Settings:

You should tap on the Start button and then type power plan. After this, you need to select Choose power plan. Here, you should tap on Show additional plans. At this point, you need to checkmark the High Performance section, and then you should choose Change Plan Settings. At this point, you should tap on Change Advanced Power Settings. Now, you need to visit to Processor Power Management and then you should verify if the minimum and maximum processor state is 100%.

6. Get Rid of Temporary Files:

You need to open Settings. Now, you should navigate to System option, and then you should select Storage option. At this point, you need to hit on Temporary files. Lastly, you should choose all files which you do not want and then you should select Remove files.

Through this way, the user can make Window 11 faster by using different methods. But if the user need detailed information, then just navigate to the official site of Microsoft Office through

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