How You Can Make Files and Folders Undeletable in Window 10?

Microsoft Office is the famous software whose applications make the work of the user easier than before. This software helps the user in many ways like scheduling meetings, emails; manage calendars, and helps in making professional presentation. You can also do text messages or video calls with the help of Skype application. You can install this amazing software through This software can be used on Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones. This is designed by Microsoft for both homes and for businesses.

Sometimes the user accidentally deletes the files or folders; as a result they have to face heavy losses. The solution for this problem is they should make folders and files which are undeletable. In this blog post, you will read how to make folders and files undeletable in Windows 10.

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Make Files and Folders Undeletable in Window 10:

  • With Folder Properties:

Permission given to the folder is same by default but you can change the setting. For this, first you have to right click on the files or folder and then click on Properties. Now in the Security Tab, you have to choose the user active account. Then you have to tap on Edit option. Here you have to untick the box of Full control and Modify option which is under the Allow option. You can also check the Deny option for the Full Control option. At the end, you have to press OK button just to save settings which you have made.

  • Using the Command Line:

You can also make the files and folder by using the command prompt.  For this, you have to locate the Command prompt. Then you have to click on Run as administrator just by pressing right click on Command Prompt option. Now you have to enter the drive letter for which you want to create a con folder just by using a colon. You just have to enter the command and then you should press Enter key.

md con\

Now, the con folder is created.

How you can Delete the Undeletable Folder?

If you want to delete the undeletable folder then first you have to go to Command prompt. Then you have to open the drive of an undeletable folder. Now you have to enter the command and then just press the enter key. more sources

rd /s /q con\

This method can be used for the folders but not for the files.  

  • Use of Freeware Prevent:

This application is free of charge and it is used on Windows. If the computer users do not want anybody to move, delete, copying, or rename the files, then the user can use this application.

This method is quite helpful in making the files or folder undeletable in Window 10. But if the user is having some kind of issues, then they can contact the customer care executive of MS Office anytime from any device. For details, they can visit to the site of MS Office through