How You Can Install A Mouse Driver without a Mouse?

If the user is facing issues with their mouse like if it is not working properly then to fix this issue, the user can install a mouse driver without a mouse. For details about mouse, the user should go to In this article, the user will read the method to install a mouse driver without a mouse.

Method To Install a Mouse Driver without a Mouse:

1. Use Driver Updater Software:

The user should install all the missing drivers by using the tool of driver updater software. Through this tool, all your drivers will get updated in few clicks. Normally, the generic drivers for your computer hardware and peripherals do not update correctly your by computer system.  There is a difference between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. So, if you want to search for the right version of driver for each of hardware components then it becomes difficult. Hence, you should find and update your computer system with the correct drivers through DriverFix tool, which will automatically update your drivers.

2. Install Latest Windows Updates:

You need to press Windows Key + I together in order to open the Settings app. Now, you should go to the Update & Security section. After this, you need to choose the Check for updates button. If in case, updates are available, then it gets installed automatically. When your PC is up to date, then your latest mouse driver will get installed.

3. Use Device Manager:

First of all, you should press Windows Key + X together and then choose Device Manager from the list. After this, the user should expand the Mice and the other pointing devices section. Now, right tap on your mouse and then select Update driver. Then, you should choose Search automatically for updated driver software. Lastly, Windows will scan for missing drivers and then automatically install them.

4. Reinstall Current Drivers:

The user needs to open the Device Manager. Then, you have to expand the Mice and also the other pointing devices section. At this point, you should right-click your mouse or you can use the context menu key in your keyboard. After this, you should select the Uninstall device option. If the confirmation dialog box appears on your screen, then you should choose Uninstall option. You should do this for all your mouse devices which are there in your computer system. When you remove them all, you need to restart your PC.

5. Use Different Port or Mouse:

If the user wants to install a mouse driver, then they should connect the mouse to a different port. Because, there are certain USB ports which cannot recognize your mouse, so the user should try all ports in their PC. Here, the user should be sure that their mouse isn’t faulty. The user can also use the best PC mouse models and then check if it helps.

Remember, if the user wants to install a mouse driver without a mouse then they should depend on other input methods or keyboard shortcut.

With this method, the user can install a mouse driver without a mouse. For technical details, the user can visit to the site via

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