How You Can Easily Convert Page File To Doc or Docx?

Usually, in Pages you can open MS Word file document, but you cannot open .pages files in Word. In case,you want to send an email then you need .doc file but if you received a pages file then you have to convert it to a .doc file. Hence, in this blog you will read how to convert Page file to Doc file. But if you need help, you can anytime contact to the expert of MS Office via

What are the Method To Convert Page File To Doc or Docx?

  • Open Page File in Window:

For this, you should right-click on the .pages file in Windows and then you have to choose Rename. Now at the end of the filename, you should replace .pages with .zip. When you rename it, you have to open that file which is now becomes a zip file. Then in the folder named Quicklook, you should open it and there you will see a file named Preview.pdf. Now it is converted in the pdf format. If you want to open it in Windows 7, then you must have a free pdf reader like Adobe Reader but remember you can also use Microsoft Word to open a pdf file. But in Windows 8 or later, it contains a built-in pdf reader. You just have to open the Preview.pdf and then it will open up in the reader. If all the content is text, then you can copy the text and just save it in a Word document. To select the all content, you have to press Ctrl + A key. After this, you should press Ctrl and C key together to copy it. Now, you have to open a new Word document and then press Ctrl and V key just to paste the copied content in the Word document. Here, all the text will be copied. You just have to save the document. And remember it will saved in doc format.

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  • Save Page File as a .doc in Mac:

In this, you have to choose the file type, then it will be saved in the .doc format. For this, you have to open Pages. And then click on File and after this, you should choose Save as. Now, you have to place a check on Save copy as. Then just ensure Word Document is selected next to it. At last, you should click on Save option and then it will be saved in .doc format.

  • Export Pages Document as .doc in Mac:

In case, Save as option is not working then you can export it as well. For this, you have to open the pages document which you want to convert. Then you should click on File and now you should select Export/Export To in the pop-up menu. After this, you should select Word for file type and then click on Next option. Here, you have to type the name for the document in Save as option. You will see the extension .doc will be automatically added to it. After this, you have to select the location in Where field. Then, you have to click on Export option. Now, the .doc file will be saved at the location.

The above procedure will help you to convert Page File to Doc or Docx. But if the user is still facing any issues, then you can contact to the customer care of Microsoft team anytime via

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