How You Can Easily Backup And Restore Chrome Bookmarks?

Basically, Bookmark is the method of saving the web page in a browser so that you can quickly access to the web page. And Chrome bookmarks use HTML files so that you can store on a USB drive, networked storage, or in the cloud easily. In Firefox you can save your bookmarks in universal format like HTML. In this blog, you will read how to back and restore Chrome Bookmarks. But if you need assistance, just contact to the customer care of Microsoft through

Back Up Chrome Bookmarks:

In case, you do not have Google account and you want the copy of your bookmarks on your hard drive, network, or USB drive. For this, first you have to find and select the three vertical dot icon which is located in the upper-right hand side of the Chrome window. Now, under the drop-down menu, you have to find Bookmarks. Then you just have to select Bookmark Manager. Here, you can also open the Bookmark Manager by using the shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+O altogether. After this, you have to select the three dot icon which is located to the right of the blue bar across the bookmarks tab, and then you have to select Export bookmarks. Here, Chrome will opens up a new window for you in which you can browse to the location where you want to store your backup.  Just select a location on your computer system, and then you have to name the backup file, and after this, you should select save option. Now, your backup is safe in the location where you have stored it. Remember, you can import this backup into Chrome or in another browser.

Restore Your Chrome Bookmarks:

In case, you want to restore bookmarks from a lost Chrome install then you have to go to the bookmarks tab, or you can press Ctrl+Shift+O key altogether on the keyboard. Here, you will see the Chrome opens the tab immediately. After this, you have to select the three dots which is situated in the upper-right hand side of the screen, and then you should select Import bookmarks. Now, the Chrome opens up a file browser window. Here, you have to locate your backup HTML file, and then just select it. After this, you have to select Open option just to import your bookmarks. Now, the Chrome will start incorporating with your backed up bookmarks. Till your backup was from Chrome, then your bookmarks will be categorized where they belong from.

The above method will help you to backup and restore your Chrome Bookmarks. In case, the user is finding some issues and they want to consult with the technician then they can anytime contact to the customer care of Microsoft team through The experts are well trained and are always available to assist you. You can call them at anytime from anywhere. For more details, just visit to the site of Microsoft Office.

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