How You Can Download Window 11 in Your Device?

If the user want to upgrade from Window 10 or if they want to download Window 11. In this blog, you will read the method to download Window 11. For help related to Window 11, visit to Microsoft via

Method To Download Window 11:

1. Check your PC is Eligible for Upgrade:

First, you should check your device is suitable for upgrade to Windows 11. Hence, for this you should download PC Health Check. Here, you have to tap on Check Now button and after this, you will get the information that This PC can run Windows 11 or when you will receive Windows 10 updates. Instead of Microsoft’s PC Health Check App, you can also download Why Not Win11, in which you will get more detailed system view.

2. Join Windows Insider Program:

For joining, you should first hit on the Start button and then open the Settings app. Now, you should tap on Update & Security option. Here, you have to hit on Windows Insider Program which is located in the left pane. In case, you receive an error but you can come over it, for this you should visit to Settings and then tap on Privacy. At this point, go to Diagnostics & feedback and then choose Optional diagnostic data.

After this, you need to hit on the Get started button from the Windows Insider window. If the user already has an account, then hit on the Link an account option and then state the user account. But if you don’t have an account, then you have to hit on Register button for the registration procedure. If the user signed in with the right Insider account, then you will switch automatically. Here, you can join the Dev Channel or Beta Channel as the insiders from these channels can upgrade to Windows 11 Preview Build, hence you should choose Dev Channel or Beta Channel and then hit on Confirm. At last, you will view another confirmation window and then you have to restart.

3. Install Windows 11 Insider Preview Build:

You should tap on Start button and then choose Settings. After this, you need to choose Update & Security option. Now, you need to tap on Check for updates button and then you will view Windows 11 Insider Preview Build as Windows update. At this point, it will download and install. At last, you need to restart.

4. Install Windows 11 Insider Preview from ISO:

The user should visit to Windows Insider Preview Downloads page and then log in to your Insider account. After this, you have to set into the Dev Channel or Beta Channel. Here, you need to Scroll down the page and then select Windows 11 just under Select edition. At this point, just choose the language and you will get a download link. Here, you have to hit on 64-bit Download button in order to get the Windows 11 ISO. You should create a bootable USB or DVD or you have to right click on the ISO and then choose Mount option. In the File Manager window, you will see a new virtual drive and then click on it. At last, you should double-tap on the setup file in order to begin the installation procedure.

5. Create Bootable Drive using Rufus Tool:

First of all, you have to download and install Rufus app. After this, you need to hit on dropdown menu and then choose Download. Now, you should tap on Download button. At this point, you should choose Windows 11 and then tap on Continue button. When you download it and you have created the bootable drive. Now, you can install Windows 11 by using bootable drive.

With this above mentioned method, you can easily download Window 11. For further help, the user can visit to Microsoft through

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