How you can Download and Install OneDrive on Mac Device?

OneDrive is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft Office for all the computer users. This application of MS Office helps to store or host files in the cloud so that you can access your document anywhere anytime if you have an internet connection. You can use this application on Windows, Laptop, Computer or Mac etc. and can easily install it in your device through  To use this application this application, you should have a Microsoft account and an internet connection.

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 Use OneDrive on Mac:

 Using OneDrive application on Mac device is easy and convenient.  But the little bit difference is that the data which you store in your local OneDrive folder is also stored on your OneDrive servers. There are default folders in OneDrive that is Pictures, Documents, and Public, but you can name it according to your requirement.  If you want to copy the files into OneDrive then you just have to copy or drag file into the folder and then it will uploaded to the cloud. You can access the files in cloud from any computer or device through the OneDrive web interface but some of the devices have versions of the OneDrive app, so in that case you do not have to access the web interface.

 Download and Install OneDrive on Mac:

First, you have to create a Microsoft Live ID. Then you have to go to the website of OneDrive. Now, you should log in to the website with your newly-created Microsoft Live ID and then click on “Sign In” option which is located at the top-right side of the window. On the next window, it will show you the default configuration for the OneDrive folder. Here, you should click on the “Get the OneDrive App”. Now, the new window will open up, here you have to click on “Download.” Then you have to open your Mac’s downloads folder. In the folder, you have to double click on the “OneDrive.pkg”. After this, you have to follow the instruction to install OneDrive.

  Another Way to Download OneDrive through Mac App Store.

You should open up your Mac App Store. Then you have to type “OneDrive” in the search field which is located at the upper right side of the window. After finding, you just have to click on “Install” option under the OneDrive icon. Now, you should go to your Mac’s “Applications” folder and then click on the OneDrive icon to open it.

Set Up OneDrive Account on Mac:

If there is No Accounts Signed into OneDrive:

For this, first you have to press these keys, “cmd” + “Space” to start a Spotlight query. Then you have to type “OneDrive” in it and then you will see “OneDrive Setup” will start automatically. Now you have to type in your school or work account and then select “Sign In.”

If you Already have Personal Account into OneDrive:

On your Mac’s Menu bar, you have to click on “OneDrive” icon. After this, you have to click on the 3 dots to launch the menu. Now, you have to select “Preferences.” Then you should click on “Account.” Here, you should choose “Add Account” and this will start up OneDrive. After this, you should type in your school or work account. At the end, just click on “Sign In.”

For more details about OneDrive application, you should go to the official site of MS Office through

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