How You Can Delete Backup Files in Window 10?

Microsoft Office is the software which becomes very useful in today’s world. It is developed by Microsoft and this software is consisting of many applications. You can install this best software through This software gives you the cloud storage facility, in which you can store and access your document anywhere. You can also create a backup for files for storing your valuable data. Sometimes the windows built-in tools create unexpected problem. To overcome that problem, in this blog you will read how you can delete Backup Files in Window 10.

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How to Delete Old Backups?

For this, first go to the start menu and then type backup in the search bar. Here you can view the option of backup settings. Just you have to tap on the option. Now the settings will open on your computer system. After this, click on backup and restore option. Then dialog box will appear on your screen. Here you have to check the free space available on the hard drive and also the space which contains the backups. Now, you have to click on manage space and after this, other dialog box will appear on your screen and now just enter view backups. Here you can view the space which is consumed by the backup files stored on your hard drive. Now you have to choose the backup files which you do not need it anymore and then hit on delete option. When you delete the files, it will free up space which is occupied by backups.

If in case, you do not want to run out of memory then you can change the way of storing the files. To change the settings of storing the backups, you should visit to the manage windows backup disk space. Then you have to select the change settings option. Here you can choose from these two options either select the option to set the settings to keep only the latest system image or you can select let the windows manage the backup space.

Another way of storing backups:

Change System Restore settings:

For this, you have to click on This PC. Then you should right-click on This PC and then just select the properties option. Here dialog box will open and you will find a configure option. You just have to choose the configure option. Here you should set the limitation value for storing the backups and then the Windows will take care of backups and do not take more space above the value which you have set.

How to delete the old systems files and data? –

For this, you have to go to the start menu and then choose control panel. When you select the control panel then you will find a System and Security option. Now you have to click on System and then click on System protection. After this, you have to enter the configure. Then you will find a delete option. Just you have to click on delete. After this, you have to select apply and hit on ok.

The above method will help you to Delete Backup Files in Window 10. For assistance, you can call the team of Microsoft via

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