How you can Create A Microsoft Team Calendar Event?

Microsoft Office is the essential software for today’s generation. As this software makes the work of the employees, students, or teachers easier, faster and convenient. This software keeps on launching new application for their customer that is why this software is known as a major player in the market. You can install this software through

Microsoft Teams application increases productivity and it also improves the communication between employees with text chat, voice and video calls, and its shared calendars. This shared calendar functionality helps to create meetings within the Microsoft Teams Shared Calendar app. In this blog, you will learn how to create a Microsoft Team Shared Calendar Event.

Create A Microsoft Team Calendar Event:

For this, first you have to open the Microsoft Teams app. Then you have to click on Calendar and then just click on New meeting. Now you have to choose the time zone from the dropdown menu which is located at the top of the screen. Here you have to type a name for your meeting in the Add title field. Now in the Add required attendees field, you have to type the names of the people which you want to be notified for the event. When you start typing, the names will appear for you to select. You can share this calendar event with people who are not in your Microsoft Teams group, by just entering their full email address. When the meeting has been created, parties will get the invitation on their email address. After this, you have to specify the start and end time for your meeting. Now you have to click on Does not repeat to open a menu and then just make the meeting a regular event. Then you have to click on Add channel if your meeting is specific to a particular category in the Microsoft Teams setup. In the Add location field, you have to select a connected Microsoft Teams-enabled Room system or conference phone device. In the large box, you have to Type details for this new meeting, and then you have to enter a description of your meeting, a meeting agenda, and also you can write the message to the attendees. And finally you have to click on Send. By this way you can add the event to your Microsoft Teams calendar. 

But if you still have any kind of doubt, then you can call the customer care executive any time on their toll free number. For details you can go to the site of MS Office via

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