How You Can Check and Update BIOS on Window 11?

If the user wants to update their device up-to-date, then they should timely update BIOS on Window 11. Before updating, back up all your data and ensure that you should have proper power supply. For help in updating process, visit to

Method To Check BIOS on Window 11:

  • Check BIOS version on Windows 11:

To check BIOS version, you need to press Windows and R keys together. After this, you should write msinfo32 and tap on Enter key. Now, you need to find the entry marked BIOS version/date. At the end, note down the information and just close the window.

  • Get Computer’s serial number:

For this, you need to choose the Start menu and then write cmd. After this, you should choose the Command Prompt app. Here, you need to write wmic baseboard, get product, serial number, manufacturer, version, and hit on Enter key on the keyboard. Just note it down.

Method To Update BIOS in Window 11:

  • Update BIOS on Asus:

For this, you need to go to the Asus Download Center and then write your motherboard’s model and then select it from the list. After this, you need to choose Driver & Utility and then select Driver & Tools. Now, you should select your OS. Here under Software and Utility, you should search for ASUS AI Suite 3 and then choose Download button. Then, you need to scroll back to the top and then hit on BIOS & FIRMWARE tab. Now, you need to scroll to the BIOS section and then choose Download.

The user needs to extract the ZIP file which has ASUS AI Suite 3 and then just open AsusSetup.exe and then install the program. When this process complete, you need to reboot the computer. Here, you need to extract the ZIP file which has BIOS folder. Then, just open Asus AI Suite 3 and choose the Menu icon which is on the left side. At this point, you need to choose EZ update. Now under Manually update boot logo or BIOS, you need to choose the Ellipses (…), and select the BIOS file. In lower right side, you need to select Update option. After this, choose Flash and tap on OK button. When the procedure is complete, Reboot your computer.

  • Update BIOS on HP:

The user should go to HP driver and then software download website. Now, select laptop or desktop. Then, you need to enter the serial number or computer model. Here, you need to choose your OS and OS version, then tap on Submit button. At this point, you need to hit on All drivers and then you have to expand BIOS in order to view the available updates. Next, you should tap on the download icon. After this, you need to install the .exe file and just follow the steps. The user should Restart your PC. And during the startup, choose Apply Update Now button.

  • Update BIOS on Lenovo:

First, you should visit to the Lenovo support site. Now, scroll down and then tap on Drivers & Software under Support. Then, you have to write your serial number. After this, select your operating system. Next, you need to select Drivers & Software and then go to Manual Update. Here, you need to expand the BIOS/UEFI option. At this point, tap on download button. When the file is downloaded, then extract it and run it. Just follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. After finishing, just Restart your computer system.

Through this way, you can check and update BIOS on Window 11. For details about issue, go to  

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