How You can Change Window 11 to Classic View?

There are some Microsoft users, who want to change Window 11 to classic view. For this, you can use setting menu and registry editor to change Window 11 to classic view. In this blog, you will read how you can easily change Window 11 to classic view. To know more about Window 11, you can visit to  

Method to Change Window 11 to Classic View:

1. Change Taskbar Alignment:

First, you need to open Settings. After this, you need to visit to Personalization. Now on the left side of the window, you should select Taskbar. From the right side of the drop-down menu from the right side, you should select Left instead of Center. This will bring the desktop pinned bar to the Windows 10 look and also change its alignment from the center to the left side of the window.

2. Switch View to Default:

You need to press Windows + R key from the keyboard altogether. When the Run dialog box is opened, you should type regedit, and then tap on the Enter button. After this, you should visit to the following location:


Here, you need to right-click, and from the drop down menu you have to create a new DWORD (32-bit) value. At this point, you should name it Start_ShowClassicMode and set the value to 1. At the end, you must Restart your computer system. For help, the user can navigate to

To change Taskbar Size in Windows 11:

To change taskbar size in Window 11, you need to press the Windows key + R on your keyboard at the same time. When the Run dialog box is open, you should type on regedit, and then hit on Enter button. After this, you should search for the following location:


Now, you need to right-click on Advanced and then select New option. Here, you need to tap on DWORD (32-bit) Value. At this point, you should Rename the key as TaskbarSi and then press Enter button. Now, you should double-click on the created DWORD. After this, you should change the value from 0 to 2. This method will help you to change the Windows 11 taskbar size.

Why you should Change Windows 11 to Classic View?

It depends upon the user’s personal preferences, whether they want to change the view of the operating system or not. Some people prefer simple and familiar mode, which the user can accessed easily with the known information. Hence, Microsoft producers have made some backup solutions in order to get the classic view.

But, Windows 11 gives you a new look which provide modern and cool animations. It also provides you Recommended section, which helps you to access recent apps and files easily.

With this above method, you can change the Window 11 to classic view. But if the user need more information about Window 11, then they can anytime visit to the Microsoft official website through  

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