How You Can Backup IPhone to External Hard Drive?

In case, you are using iPhone and regularly make backups. But now your device runs out of space to store your backups in the internal drive then in this situation you can make backups to external hard drive. Hence, in this blog you will learn how to make backup your iPhone files to external hard. If in case, you need help then contact to Microsoft team via

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Backup IPhone To External Hard Drive:

  • Find Your IPhone Backups:

Basically, your iPhone backups is stored in a Mobile Sync folder in your computer. To find this, you should open Spotlight and then type ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup. And another way to find them with iTunes. For this, you should open iTunes and then click on the iTunes tab which is in the upper menu. Then, you have to select Preferences. And after this, you should select Device tab. Here, you should select your iPhone. You should press and hold the Control key and then just click on your iPhone. Now, you have to select Show in Finder option.

  • Move Backups to External Hard Drive:

You should connect your external hard drive to your computer system. After this, just open the external hard drive. Then you should go to the place where your backups are stored and then just select the device backup folder i.e. “Backup”. After this, you should copy and paste it into your external hard drive. Now, you have to enter your admin password just to authenticate your action. Then, you should rename the Backup folder to iOS_backup. At last, you should rename the Backup which is in your computer to old_backup. And remember do not delete this backup.

  • Generate Symlink to Tell iTunes, New Location of Backups:

You should find and open Terminal on your computer system. Then, you should copy and paste the following: -s /Volumes/External/iOS_backup ~/Library/Application/Support/MobileSync/Backup/4f1234a05e6e7ccbaddfd12345678f1234b123f. After this, you should change the hard drive name and the backup folder name. Then, you should click Return and then Exit the Terminal.

Before deleting your old_backup file, you should open iTunes. And then connect your iPhone to the computer and then just back it up. After this, you should open the iOS_backup folder which is in your external hard drive. Now, you should check the date and time just to verify that folder contains the latest backup. After confirming, you can delete your old_backup folder on your computer.

  • Disable Automatic Backups when Connected to ITunes:

For this, you should open iTunes. And then open the Preferences tab from the upper menu. Now, you should open the Device tab. Here, just check the checkbox which says Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.

The above procedure will backup your IPhone to External Hard Drive. If the user, want any kind of technical support then they can anytime contact to the customer care of MS Office for assistance via The customer care executives are always available to help the user and you can contact them any time from any device.