How you can back up your IOS devices from an ICloud or ITune Back up?

Microsoft Office is the well known software which is famous for its newly introduced features. No organizations can work perfectly without this software, as this software becomes the basic requirement for all the organization. This software is consisting of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access etc. You can install this software through Every application of this software has different functions or perform different task like formatting etc.

One of the latest features which Microsoft has introduced for its costumer is of Cloud. Through cloud feature, you can take the backup of your data online and this backup is very helpful when your device gets lost, stolen or get damaged.

How to back up your data with ICloud?

For this, first you have to connect the Wi-Fi network to your device. Then you have to go to Settings. After that, you just have to name the data. Now, just click on iCloud. Then, just press the iCloud Backup. After this, press on Back Up Now. At the end, Wi-Fi should be connected till backup gets complete.

To get your last backup details, first you have to go to Settings. Then, you have to (name) the data. After this you have to, click on iCloud. Now you have to press on iCloud Backup and you will get the details of the backup. It will include the date and time of your last backup.

How to Back up With ICloud by Itself?

If you want to make the iCloud backup your device on a daily basis by itself. For this, first you have to see that iCloud Backup is enabled in Settings. Then you have to name the data. After this, you have to press on iCloud. Then, just you should press on iCloud Backup. Just connect your device to a power source. After this connects your Wi-Fi to your device. Make sure that your screen is locked of your device. Check whether your device has enough space available or not. Once you sign in to iCloud, you will get few GB of iCloud storage. It is free of cost. But, if you need more space, then you have to give money.

How to Back up with iTunes?

For this, first you have to update iTunes with its latest version. Then, you have to go to iTunes and connect your computer system to your device. After this, follow the instructions given on your screen. You have to click on your device whenever it gets displayed in iTunes. If you want to store your Health related information then you should encrypt your backup. At last, press on Back Up Now. It is advised to keep your password safe because you will not be able to get iTune backup without password.

To enjoy the feature of cloud, you have to install MS Office through For help, you can call on their toll free number.