How User Can Protect Their Privacy in Window 10?

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and it provide advanced feature to its users. But if takes lot of your private information such as Device details, and also the data you access etc. Basically the motive of gathering information is to provide its user, customized experience. But hackers take advantage of this activity of Window 10 and they steal your private information for their own personal benefit or for making money. So to protect the privacy of the users, Microsoft has given some tips through which the user can protect their privacy. Hence, in this blog you will read the steps to protect your privacy on Window 10. But for technical support, you can contact to the Microsoft team via

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Steps To Protect Your Privacy in Window 10:

  • Turn Off Ad Tracking Tool:

When you surf on the web, then lot of data is stored according to your interest and generally this data is used by many companies to target ads. But you can turn off Ad tracking tool. For this, you should open the Windows 10 Settings app. And then you have to go to Privacy and then just click on General Option. After this, you will see a list of options just under the title change privacy options.  Here, you have to controls the advertising ID and just move the slider from On to Off. Through this way, it won’t be able to gather your interests. You will receive ads but they will not steal your information.

  • Turn Off Location Tracking:

You should turn off location Tracking to secure your privacy. For this, you should open the settings app and then just go to privacy. After this, you should click on locations and here, you will see the option of allowing access to location on the device. You just have to change this option by moving the slider bar from On to Off. Through this way, your location tracking will turn off on the PC.

  • Turn off the Timeline:

To turn off the Timeline, you should go to settings options and then just click on Privacy. After this, you should go to the Activity history and then just uncheck the boxes which are next to Store my activity on the PC and just “Forward my activity history to Microsoft.” After this setting, Windows 10 cannot be able to collects the information about your activities.

  • Get Granular in Settings App:

First, you should launch the Settings app and then you have to click on Privacy option. Then, on the left side of your computer screen, you can view the different areas from where you can get more granular about privacy. From here, you can get access to app permission.

The above steps will help you to protect your privacy on Window 10.  Now, Window 10 won’t be able to gather your data or personal information. But if the user is finding any kind of issues, then they can anytime contact to the customer care executive of Microsoft team through

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