How To Use Window 10 Search Bar Without Cortana?

Cortana is basically the virtual assistant in Window 10, through which you can search more efficiently and easily. In this blog, the user will read how to use Window 10 Search bar if Cortana is disabled. If the user wants to save their time, then they should add some categories filter in their Search action. For more information, the customer should go to Microsoft via

Method To Use Window 10 Search Bar Without Cortana:

1. Use the Windows key:

For this, first you have to open the Start menu just by hitting on the Windows button on your keyboard, but it is advised the user should not hit on any other icon or title. Now, the user has type on your keyboard the file’s name which you are searching for. At last, Windows 10 will provide you a series of matches.

2. Use Search by Categories:

The user should hit on the search bar. Then on the top of the search menu, the user will view so many categories. After this, you should type the keyword and then tap on a category in order to filter the results.

3. Use the File Explorer folder:

First of all, the customer has to open File Explorer. Then, you should go to the folder in which you want to search your file. Now in the top right side of the window, you should type a few characters which are matching your hunted item and then tap on Enter key. At last in the list, you should hit on your correct result.

4. Manage Search Bar Visibility:

The user should right-click on your taskbar. Then, they should hit on Search option. After this, you need to select your desired option, just by hitting on it. At the end, your configuration will be modified on your left side taskbar which is next to the Windows icon.

5. Fix Search Bar Problems:

The user should press Windows + I keys simultaneously in order to open the Settings window. After this, you should hit on Update & Security section. Now, you have to select Troubleshoot and then visit to Additional Troubleshooters. Then in the Additional troubleshooters window, just under Find and fix other problems, you need to choose Search and Indexing. At last, you should hit on Run the troubleshooter and then choose your search box issue.

6. Reset Windows Search:

For this, the user should press Windows + I keys just to open Settings. Now, tap on Update & Security. Then in the left side, you should hit on Windows update and then tap on the Check for updates button. At this point, you should install the available updates. Lastly, the user should restart their computer system if the updates are installed.

With this above mentioned method, the user can use Window 10 Search bar without Cortana. If the customer need any details about this method, then the user can visit to the official site of Microsoft through

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