How to Use Transcribe Feature in MS Word?

Microsoft Word is the famous application of MS Office which makes the life of the computer user easy. You can install this application of MS Office through This application is used to make text document, formatting, editing etc. This software offers its user cloud storage in which they can use the Transcribe feature in Word Online if the users have a premium subscription to Microsoft 365. In case, you don’t have the subscription to Microsoft 365, and then you will be ask to upgrade it so that you can use this Transcribe feature. To use this transcription feature, you can speak directly into your PC microphone and record it. Or you can upload up to 300 minutes of audio per month, and then it will transcribe it. In this blog, you will read how to use Transcribe feature in Word.

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Record and Transcribe Live Audio in MS Word Online:

If you are recording an interview and also your voice, Microsoft Word Online will capture and easily transcribe that audio at the same time. For this, first you have to log into and then open a new document. This feature will work in the Microsoft Edge and Chrome web browsers. You have to click on the Home tab. Then in the Ribbon, you should select the downward arrow which is next to Dictate. Now in the menu, you have to select Transcribe, and then you will see the Transcribe panel opens on the right side. Here, you just have to click on the Start recording option to begin recording. If you are using this feature for the first time then you have to allow the browser to access your microphone. Then you just have to click on Allow option.

Now, the recording will begin automatically, and you will see a Pause button in the Transcribe panel on the right side. You should start speaking. After this, you can click the Pause button to pause the recording. If it is paused, then the button will changes to a microphone. If you start to record again, then you have to click on the microphone, and then it will turn back to a pause button.

When the recording is finish, then you have to click on Save and transcribe now option just to save your recording and process the transcription. Now, the transcription will display in the Transcribe panel.

Transcribe Recorded Audio in MS Word:

In case, you have a recorded conversation which you want to transcribe. First, you have to open a Word document, and then go to the Home tab of the Ribbon and just go to Transcribe. Now in the Transcribe pane, you have to select Upload audio. Then you have to select the file which you want to upload and after this, click on Open option. Then the file will start to transcribe. When it complete, the transcription will display in the Transcribe panel.

Through this way, you can use transcribe feature in MS Word. For details, you can visit to the site of MS Office through