How to Use OneDrive on PC, Mac, IOS and Android?

OneDrive is the amazing application of Microsoft which allows you to store your files in the cloud. And you can use this application on Android or iOS device, Mac, Windows computer, etc. Here, you can access your photos, videos, and also the files. You can download and install this application through

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Access OneDrive on Window PC:

First, you have to open the Start Menu and then search for OneDrive. When the application appears, then you have to select it and open it. After signed into OneDrive, then your PC will notify you where the folder is located on your PC. And then you have to select Next option. Now, OneDrive will ask you which folders you want to keep in sync with the cloud. Here, when you choose the folders it will be backed up and you can access it from other devices. After this, you have to select the checkbox which is next to the folders which you want to sync.

Remember, you can also select Sync all files and folders option to keep all your documents in the cloud. Now, you have to select Next to continue.

Then, you have to open File Explorer and then view the OneDrive folder to check all the content backed up to the cloud. And the files or folders which have a green checkmark have been successfully backed up, and the files which have a circular arrow are still uploading to the cloud.

Use OneDrive on Mac:

You have to download OneDrive for Mac and then install the application just by double-clicking on the OneDrive.pkg file. It will launch the setup dialogue.When the OneDrive is installed, then you have to launch Spotlight Search just by pressing CMD + [space bar]. After this, you have to type “OneDrive” and then press the Enter key.In case, you have never used OneDrive before, then to set up the application you have to enter your email address.When signed into OneDrive, then it will ask you where you want the OneDrive folder to be located in your Mac device. At this point, you have to select Choose OneDrive Folder Location and then select your preferred location.

Then, the OneDrive will notify you where the folder is located in your Mac. Now, you have to Select Next option. After this, you have to select Open my OneDrive to view your synced files and folders. And whatever you save to this folder it will be uploaded to your Microsoft cloud.

Access OneDrive on iOS or Android:

You have to download the OneDrive app for either iOS or Android. And the iPhone and iPad users can search for OneDrive in the App Store, and the Android users can find it in the Play Store. When the OneDrive app is installed, then you have to launch it from your device’s home screen. After this, you have to log in to the service by using your email address. Then the OneDrive will ask if you want to automatically back up your device’s camera roll to the cloud. You have to choose Yes or No according to your personal preference. At last, you have to select the Files tab, to view all files which are available on your OneDrive account.

The above method will help you to access your OneDrive Application from anywhere. If you need help, then you can contact the expert of MS Office via

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