How to use Facebook Emoji and Smileys?

With the advancement of technology in social media, like in Facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc., they have introduced smileys and emoji which can add spice to your conversation. These emoji and smileys can properly clarify the emotion behind your message. You can insert this in your conversation with just one single click without having the knowledge of any code. Earlier there was limited emoji for Facebook user, but today they have provided a huge menu full of emoji. You can use this emoji in making status updates, posting comments, or if you are chatting in private messages. In MS Office, you can use emoji and smileys in Skype application which is a collaborative and communicative tool. You can install this tool of MS Office through You can use these emoji and smileys in desktop and in mobile versions. In this blog, you will learn how to use emoji ans smileys in Facebook.

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Add Facebook Emoji to a Status Update:

Facebook provide the drop-down menu for emoji which you can insert in the status publishing box. For adding emoji in Status update, you have to compose a new Facebook status update. Then you have to click on What’s on your mind? status box. Then you have to enter what you want add in your update, or you can also send only emoji. After this, you have to click on the small Smiley Face icon which is on the bottom right hand side of the update status area. Here you have to select any emoji which you want to insert in your Facebook status. You can click scroll through the huge list of emoji and just pick your favorite one. When you add the emoji, you have to click on the little Smiley face to close the menu. You can also add the text behind and after the emoji. Now you have to click on the Post button and here your facebook friends can see your status update.

Use Emoji in Facebook Comment and Private Messages:

You can also add Emoji in the Facebook comments section and in private messages on Facebook and Messenger. For this, you have to click in the comment box where you want to post the emoji. Then you have to use the small Smiley Face icon which is in the comment box just to open the emoji menu. Here you can select one or more emoji to insert in the comment box. After this, you have to click on the Smiley Face icon to close the menu. You can write the text also along with the emoji. Then you have to press the Enter key.

Use Emoji in Facebook Messenger for Mobile:

For this, first you have to open the conversation in which you want to use an emoji in. You can also start a brand new conversation. Now you have to choose the small Smiley Face icon. Here in the new menu which is below the text box, click on the EMOJI tab. You can select an emoji or more than one emoji. Now again you have to tap on the Smiley Face to close the menu. Here you can also edit your message. At last, click on the send button to send the emoji with text.

This procedure helps you to insert emoji and smileys in Facebook. But in case, you have any kind of problem then you can contact to the customer care executive of MS Office site through