How to Troubleshoot Zoom Error Code 5003?

Zoom is the popular web conferencing app in which you can do video or audio conference with your friends, family and colleagues. In this Coronavirus pandemic, Zoom application has become very popular among the people. It is very easy and convenient to use. But sometimes the user faces error code 5003 while using Zoom app. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix the Zoom error code 5003. If you want any technical help, then you can contact to the MS Office customer care team via

This error occurs if there is a connection problem in the Zoom services, may be because of firewall issue, a corrupt wireless driver, antivirus software block, etc.

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Solution to Fix Zoom Error Code 5003:

  1. Check Proxy Setting:

To fix this error, you should disable Proxy setting in your device. Because if your network has proxy then it is possible that you encounter error code 5003 on your device. This error will appear in your phone or PC which has network access restrictions. In this case, you can contact to the network administrator to check the proxy and firewall settings.

  1. Antivirus Issue:

In case, you are using an antivirus on your device, then it is possible that you face the error code 5003 while trying to use Zoom. In this situation, you must disable antivirus on your device temporarily. Because sometime antivirus restrict and stop the online apps.

  1. Corrupted Wireless Driver:

If you have the corrupted Wireless Driver, then you have to first uninstall and then reinstall the wireless driver from your PC.

To uninstall the Wi-Fi driver adapter, first you have to click on Windows + X key on your keyboard and then select “Device Manager.” Now you have to locate the wireless network adapter and then just right- click on it. After this, you have to select “Uninstall device.” Then you have to check the checkbox “Delete the driver software for the device.” Again you have to select Uninstall option.

Re-install the Wi-Fi driver adapter, first you have to go to the  “Device Manager.”Then you have to select “Network Adapters” from “Action.” Now you have to choose “Scan for hardware.” Then again you have to click on “Network Adapter.”

  1. Restart Zoom Application:

You should restart your Zoom application as this will end the initial session with the Zoom app. Rebooting the app will also clear the unnecessary built-up memory, gives you the faster user experience, and also free from connection problems. You just have to completely close the app, and then wait for few seconds, before reopening it.

  1. Update the Zoom Application:

You should update the Zoom application to its latest version as this will resolve technical issues. As updates always come with useful bug fixes and can prevent interfering bugs from causing connection issues. Updating the app, also increases the app’s performance.

This method will fix the Zoom error code 5003. If you still have any doubt then you can contact to the customer care of MS Office via