How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error Code 30068- 4 (1058)?

MS Office software is very useful in homes, offices, for businesses and for students. This software can install via Hence, in this article you will read the solution to fix MS Office Error Code 30068-4(1058).

Method to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-4(1058):

1. SFC Scan:

First, you have to check that the computer date and time is correct. After this, you have to open command prompt with administrator privileges. Then, you have to write “SFC /SCANNOW” and then tap on enter key. At this point, you should not close the Scan window till it is 100% complete. When the scanning process is finished, then you have to start the installation/update process. At last, you should check the MS Office Error code 30068-4 (1058) is fixed or not.

2. Disable Windows Firewall:

You should open control panel and then you need to tap on system and security option. After this, you should open Windows Firewall. Then, tap on “turn windows firewall ON or OFF”. Now, choose “Turn OFF windows firewall” and then press OK button. At last, you should begin installation/update process in order to check the Error code 30068-4 (1058) is fixed or not.

3. Perform Disk Clean Up:

For this, you need to open control panel. After this, you should hit on system and security. Then, you have to choose Administrative tools. Now, you have to open Disk clean up. When the disk clean up box is opened, then you should choose C Drive and then tap on OK button. Here, you should check the folders to be cleaned and then hit on OK button.When Disk clean up completes cleaning, then you should start the installation/update in order to check the Error is resolved or not. For details, go to

4. Fix Registry Errors:

You have to open Registry editor with administrator rights. Then, you have to go to Office registry folder in this order:

Computer Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE





At this point, you should also remove the sub folders like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint in HKEY_LOCAL_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\OFFICE\ folder

Now, you need to remove the Licenceservers key and LicenceServerRedirection key. When the corrupted keys are removed, then you should begin the installation/update process.

5. Remove Older Version of Office:

For this, you need to open control panel. Then, you need to go to Programs option and then go to Programs and features. Now, you should check for Microsoft Office in the installed list. At this point, you should tap and uninstall Microsoft Office software from the listed applications. When the program is fully removed, and then just starts the installation/update process.

6. Install Microsoft Office:

You need to open Microsoft office my account login page. After this, you have to log in to your Office account just by using your registered Office email ID and password. Then, you have to tap on install option just below the Office product in your account. Now, you have to Save and run the downloaded setup file. At last, you should tap on Close button when the installation procedure is complete.

For more information or details about MS Office, just go to the site via

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