How to Troubleshoot If You Cannot Remove Keyboard Layout Language?

If you cannot remove Keyboard Language in Window 10, then to fix this issue you should change the system Locale setting, and do some registry editing. If the customer need more detail, then tap on Microsoft Office through In this post, you will read the solution to fix the issue if cannot remove keyboard layout language.

Method To Troubleshoot If Cannot Remove Keyboard Layout Language:

1. Rearrange Listed Languages:

You should first tap on the magnifying glass search button on Windows 10’s taskbar. After this, you should write keyword keyboard language in the search text box. Now, you need to choose Edit language and keyboard options just to open the window. At this point, you should choose the listed keyboard language layout which you wish to remove. Here, you should tap on down arrow button in order to move the chosen keyboard language to the bottom of the list. At last, you should click on Remove button for the keyboard language which you want to delete.

2. Change Current System Locale Setting:

First, you should open run just by right-tapping on the Start taskbar button. Now, you should choose Accessory on the menu. Then, you have to write this text into Run: Control Panel. Here, you have to tap on OK button to open the Control Panel’s window. At this point, you should choose the Category option on the Control Panel’s View by drop-down menu. After this, you should hit on Clock and Region in the Control Panel. Next, you should tap on Region in order to open the window. Then, you have to choose Administrative tab. Now, you should press Change system locale button in order to open a Region Settings window. In the Current system locale drop-down menu, choose the keyboard language which you want to remove. Here, you should tickmark the Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for Worldwide Language Support checkbox. Now, you should press OK option on the Region Settings window.  And then tap on Apply option on the Region window in order to save the newly selected options. At last, just restart your PC. For details, hit on

3. Remove Keyboard Language with PowerShell:

You should open Windows 10. Then, in the Search Tool you should enter Windows PowerShell as the search keyword. Now, you should hit on PowerShell in order to open its window. Here, you have to enter the command and then press Enter key:


Then, you should write down the language tag for the keyboard language layout which you want to remove. At this point, you should enter four separate commands into PowerShell and then press Enter key after each command:

$LangList = Get-WinUserLanguageList

$MarkedLang = $LangList | where LanguageTag -eq <languagecode>


Set-WinUserLanguageList $LangList -Force

At last, you need to Restart your PC.

With the above method, the user can easily solve the issue if you cannot remove Keyboard Layout Language. If the user require any kind of help, then navigate to the official site of Microsoft Office through

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