How to troubleshoot If Window Cannot Connect to HP Printer?

Today, Microsoft launches its new advance version of Windows that is Window 10. But many users encounter issues when they are connecting to their printer. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution if Window cannot connect to HP Printer. In case, you need assistance then just contact to the expert of Microsoft via

Causes for Windows Cannot Connect to HP Printer:

The causes of this issue are due to Windows PC error problem, verify the printer name and try again, if there were no printer found, and also because of Printer error issue.

Solution to Resolve Windows Cannot Connect To The HP Printer:

  • Remove the BIDI Branch in CopyFiles Section:

For this, first you have to open the registry editor. Then you should visit to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Printers

After this, you should expand the branch with the printer name which encounters issue. Now, you have to delete the BIDI branch in CopyFiles section. At this point, just restart the Spooler on client. Here, you should try to connect an HP printer on the client. At the end, you should close all the tabs.

  • Just Manually Add Printer:

To add printer, you should click on the Start option and then just go to the Control Panel. Now, you should click on the Printer section. After this, you should choose Add Printers. Here, you have to add a new local printer. To name, but the whole path


Then, it will ask you about Drivers. After this, you should select Hard Disk and then just browse where you have saved it. Here, it will prompt what you want to call your printer on your desktop. At last, you should close all the tabs.

  • Create a New Local Port:

For this, first you should click on to the start menu and then just go to Devices and Printers. Now, in the devices and printers you should go to Add a Printer section. Here, you have to select Add a local Printer. Then, you should select “Create a new Port”. At this point, it will ask for a Port name. Now, you should enter the printer’s address in this format:

\\IP address or the PC name\Printer’s name

After this, just click on OK button and then you should hit on Next option. Then, you have to select your Printer model from the directory just to install its drivers. Now, you have to click on the Next option. Here, just should click on the Have Disk. At this point, you should browse to driver’s location in the disk and then just click on the OK option. Now, you have to enter the name of your new printer and again click on the Next option. At the end, just close all tabs.

  • Resetting by the Service.MSC Properties:

For this, just go to the Start option. Then in the Search bar, you should type Component Services and just open it. Here, in the Component Services, you should go to Services. Then you have to right click on Print Spooler. After this, you should hit on ‘Stop‘or ‘Restart‘option.

  • Delete Pre-Existing Driver Files from the Registry Editor:

First, just press the Windows Key + R altogether. Then in the Run search bar, you should type Regedit. After this, just visit to the below location:


From here, you should delete the ICM folder.

The above method will help you to resolve the issue Window cannot connect to HP Printer. If you need more help, then visit to the site of Microsoft via

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