How To Troubleshoot If Video Memory Management Error Occurs in Window 10?

If the user faces Video Memory Management error, then it will cause blue screen error and the user won’t be able to access your computer properly. To fix this issue, you should update your display drivers and run application in compatibility mode. For more information, just go to

Method to Fix If Video Memory Management Error Occurs in Window 10:

1. Run Applications in Compatibility Mode:

First, you should right-click on the application which you want to run in Compatibility mode. After this, you should select Properties option from the menu. Now, you should visit to the Compatibility tab. Here, you should check Run this program in compatibility mode for and after this, select Windows 10 from the list of operating systems. Now, you need to tap on Apply option and then press OK button to save your settings. At last, you need to run this application again.

2. Update Display Drivers:

You need to right-click on Start button and then choose Device Manager from the list. At this point, tap on the component which you wish to refresh the driver and expand it. Now, you should right-click on the driver which you wish to update and then choose Update driver. At this point, you need to choose Search automatically for drivers. At last, new driver will get download and install in your device.

3. Run Video Games in Window Mode:

If the user gets this error while playing video games, then to fix this error they should run in window mode. If you run a game in window mode then you should enter game’s video options. For this, just go to video options and then select you want to run a game in full-screen or in window mode. At last, check the problem is solved or not. If the users need assistance, hit on

4. Use Repair Tool:

If you want to get rid of this error, then you should use a repair tool. To fix the registry errors, you should use Restoro tool. For this, you should first download and install Restoro. After this, you need to launch the application. Here, just wait for the software to identify the issues and corrupted files. Then, you need to press Start Repair. At last, you should Restart your PC.

5. Reset Windows 10:

First, you need to Restart your PC during the boot in order to start the Automatic Repair. After this, you should select Troubleshoot, and then you should Reset this PC. Now, select Remove everything option. Here, it might ask to insert Windows 10 installation media. At this point, you should choose Only the drive where Windows is installed, and then select Just remove my files. Then, you have to tap on Reset button. At last, you need to follow the instructions to finish the Windows 10 reset.

Through this way, you can solve the issue if Video Memory Management Error in Window 10. For more details, just hit on

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