How to Troubleshoot If There is Sound Problem in Window 10?

If the user is facing the sound issues in Window 10, then they cannot be able to enjoy lot of things in Window 10 computer. To fix this issue, the user should install the latest drivers and change the default sound format. In this blog, the user will read the method to fix if there is sound problem in Window 10. For details, the user should hit on

Method To Fix If There is Sound Problem In Window 10:

1. Install Latest Drivers:

Keep in mind users faces sound problems because of outdated drivers. Sometimes, generic driver do not fix the issue, hence you have to download and install the latest drivers. If the user wants to install the latest audio driver, then they should visit to the sound card’s manufacturer’s website and just download the latest audio driver. Normally, Windows errors and bugs is because of old or incompatible drivers. If your system is not up-to-date then it will lead to lag, or system errors. The user can use an automatic tool i.e. Driver Fix which helps you to find, download, and install the right driver version for your Windows PC.

2. Change Default Sound Format:

For this, you should right-click on the sound icon which is in your Taskbar and then select Open Sound settings from the menu. Now in the Sound section, you should hit on Device properties. After this, you should visit to the Advanced tab and then change a Default sound format to one of the following options, according to your speaker configuration.

24bit/44100 Hz


3. Re-install your Sound Drivers:

You need to click on Windows Key + X in order to open Win + X menu. After this, choose Device Manager from the list. Now, you have to locate your audio device and then right-click on it. After this, you should select Uninstall device from the menu. When the driver is uninstalled, then you should hit on the Scan for hardware changes icon. For information, tap on

4.  Check Proper Output Device is Selected:

First, you need to open Sound settings. After this, you need to set Speakers or Headphones as the output device.

5.  Use Generic High Definition Audio Device Driver:

You should open Device Manager. Now, you have to locate your audio device, and then right-click on it. Here, you have to select Update driver from the menu. Then, you have to select Browse my computer for driver software. At this point, you should choose Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. At last, you should choose High Definition Audio Device driver from the list and then tap on click Next option.

6. Check Windows Audio Service:

You need to press Windows Key + R together and then enter services.msc. After this, press Enter or OK button. Now, you have to find Windows Audio and then double-click on it in order to open its properties. Here, you should set the Startup type to Automatic, and then hit on the Start button in order to start the service. Next, you need to tap on Apply button and OK option to save the changes. Incase, the user find that the service is already running and here you should set to Automatic startup type, and then restart it to resolve the problem. At last, you should locate Windows Audio service and right-click on it and then select Restart from the menu.

If the customer require any detail, then visit to the Microsoft through

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