How to Troubleshoot If Personal Hotspot Not Working on IPhone?

If you want to connect your iPhone with the other device then you can use Personal Hotspot feature of IPhone which convert your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. With this hotspot, you can share its internet connection with other nearby devices. But if personal hotspot is missing, and you cannot be able to connect your phone with other device. Hence, in this blog, you will read the solution to resolve if Personal Hotspot is not working. In case, you need help then you can contact Microsoft team for help via

Basically, personal hotspot feature disappears when you upgrade the OS or when there is jail-breaking an iPhone. You can read this blog to troubleshoot this issue.

Solution to Fix if Personal Hotspot on iPhone Not Working:

  1. You should turn cellular data on and off because Personal Hotspot needs a proper connection to a cellular data network, like 4G. If you reset the cellular data connection then this might fix the issue.
  2. If you are facing issues with the Personal Hotspot then you should check the Personal Hotspot settings. Because sometimes  Personal Hotspot is missing from the Settings app, but it is there in another place. For this, you have to open the Settings app and then select Cellular option and after this, you should choose Personal Hotspot. Here, you have to move the Personal Hotspot toggle to On i.e. green. Then, you should, go back to the main Settings screen. If you can view the Personal Hotspot under the Cellular option, then your problem is solved.
  3. You should restart your iPhone as this fix many issues. If you want to restart an iPhone, then you should hold down the home and sleep/wake buttons altogether till you see the Apple logo displays on your screen. After this, just release the buttons.
  4. You must update the carrier settings of your phone and also update your IPhone to the latest version of iOS. If the operating system of your phone is outdated that is why personal hotspot feature is not working. If the iOS updates are available then it will fix the issue. Remember, iOS updates are free and very easy to install And you can install these updates wireless or via iTunes.
  5. You should remove the APN certificate. And for this, first you have to select Settings options and then select General and after this choose Profiles. Now you should click on the profile which you want to delete. At the end, just click on Delete Profile and, here in the confirmation pop-up, you should hit on Delete option.
  6. You should reset the network settings. When you start from fresh, then it may solve the problem. For this, you should select Settings option and then choose General and after this, just hit on Reset option. Again click on Reset and then you should choose Network Settings.

The above solutions will fix the issue but if you need assistance then you can contact to the Apple Store. If in case, you need to install the apps of Microsoft Office in your gadget then call the expert of Microsoft via

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